Temporarily Closing Comments
August 6, 2007

I'm going to close the comments down for the next five days or so. Sorry folks. comments/sad.gif

I am getting nearly 2000 spamments in about 36 hours time. And while very very very few of them actually hit the site, I do feel the need to go through the spam folder and make sure there are no legitimate comments which got accidentally stuck in there. After the Ghost entry for the Artsy Contest, for example, I had several comments wind up in the spam folder because the commenters left a link to their blog in their comments. Nothing wrong with doing that! But I get so much spam that my filters automatically send any comment with an URL attached to it into spam.

I'm hoping after 5 days of lock-down, maybe some of the bots will go away ... at least for a while.

Meanwhile, you wanna comment on something anyway ... use the contact button at the top of the page and I'll get it worked in as a comment. Sorry ... comments WILL come back, though.

(Stupid freaking r e d ... m o n k e y ... j e a n s ... i know this spam is because of them.)

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