Lamar High School ... 1987 Reunion
October 3, 2007

Lamar High School ... 20 Year Reunion ... Arlington, Texas

Okay, here's some updating on this. The price if you pay before 10/9 is $67 or $134 for a couple. This is good for both events (and, naturally, you can't pay for just one event).

Reunions by the Party People
Friday, October 19th, 2007 ... Ice Breaker Party ... J. Gilligan's ... 8:00p.m. - Midnight
J Gilligans 400 East Abrams St. ... Arlington ... 817.274.8561
(Private party cash bar event)

Saturday, October 20th, 2007 ... Reunion Celebration ... (Casual Attire) ... Rangers Ballpark in Arlington ... 7:30p.m. - Midnight ... tex-mex buffet ... DJ ... dancing ... cash bar ... awards program (awards for freaking WHAT???)

More info? Check out

There's a slew of people I have not been able to find that I would love to meet up with there. I've gotten in touch with Lori Goe and Annette Simonini ... but I'm still looking for:
Janet Kim (Kyungah) ... on the lost list ... no invites have reached her :(
Brenda Heath
Kate McDonald
Shannon Heizer
Suzanne Gruchow (even tho you moved before going to Lamar!)
Veronica Cano
Susan Stetson
Anna Tan
Cindy Ritner ... on the lost list ... no invites have reached her :(
Amy Alexander
Ashley Aguilar
Kristi Grimm
Alison Campbell
Paula Gill
Lisa Pawloski
Suzanne Scott
Jill Stewart
Jenny Britton
Tracy McGuire ... on the lost list ... no invites have reached her :(
Lynn Adzigian ... on the lost list ... no invites have reached her :(
Natalie Parrish ... on the lost list ... no invites have reached her :(
Russ Johnson ... on the lost list ... no invites have reached him ...I have heard briefly from him and hope he will be attending

And, of course, there are a slew of other folks that I'd like to catch up with again as well.

Really, I just posted this in the hopes that those people who haven't found out about the reunion can perhaps hit this info thru Google since the info's not all that easy to find.

And there are those of you who have contacted me, wanting to know who the heck Red Monkey is. If you followed through to my About Me page and through the rest of my site, you're still confused as you don't know who Robin MacRorie is. That wasn't the name I had back then.

Well, maybe you can ask around at the reunion and figure it out. :) A little mystery never hurt anyone.

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