MT 4
October 1, 2007

If you're a MT kind of person ... don't upgrade yet!

Seems the good folks at SixApart do not have the bugs worked out of the new system yet. Not even close. I was happy enough with 3.2 with the exception of not being able to find a Captcha program to help rid me of my plague of spamments. I saw MT4 go beta and then, I swear I saw it go production. And it included a Captcha!

I upgraded. There was a day of screaming and fussing as I tried to get everything straightened out -- the bulk of the issues coming around the new ways to implement commenting. Apparently I copied/pasted something badly and it took another 24 hours for me to work through my screw-up. Typical.

Then I installed the captcha. For the life of me, I cannot find where the directions for this "plug-in" which comes with MT 4.x are. I know I had it working for a while.

Fast forward to Saturday, the day of the Purdue/Notre Damn game. I was ready to upload a new graphic and post. "Session Over, please log in again"

Okay. I surf with FireFox and it had probably been a day or two since I had actually done anything in MT. I sign in.

Welcome. We are ready to upgrade your database.

WTF? I did that weeks ago. This isn't like some automated upgrading to the next version of MT, is it? I look. Nope. Apparently, it just randomly decides that it needs to "upgrade" an already upgraded database from time to time. Some people have it happen really frequently. Okay, fine. I let it upgrade.

That evening a friend IMs me. Hey, I can't comment on your blog. The Captcha isn't there any more, but the blog wants the Captcha verification.


I still haven't figured out what went wrong where. I've spent the last couple of days haunting the MT forums. Nothing. I've sent a bug report to MT. I've been searching thru Google. Nothing.

I STILL can't figure out WTF is wrong or how just "upgrading" the database could have broken this. Dammit. So, no comments AGAIN until I can figure out what the hell went wrong this time. And I'll be publishing a full report of the issue here ... just in case it happens again ... or to someone else.

If you are from MT or SixApart or have simply got some ideas on what the issue could be, please, please, please email me at en der (no space) AT that thundering coyote domain name that you see above (yeah, way up there in the address bar of your browser. yeah, that's it ... no "ing" and the coyote comes before the other word.) DOT com.

At this point I'm so ticked off I'm beginning to think I should swap over to WordPress ...
I love MT ... but this is seriously pissing me off. :(

As I went to freaking hit publish ... the damn database says it wants upgrading again.

I may have to kill something soon.

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mikster said:

Well, I'm not volunteering for death.

Red Monkey says: Coward. Sheesh.
Oh ... and you're a peach ... or something. Ya old pissant.
October 1, 2007 11:53 PM


blueyes said:

All those damn comments I had and now are lost cuz of MT lol Can't you unclick something that auto updates your MT? I don't auto update anything. Hell, my XP hasn't been updates in years from their so called "security fixes".

October 3, 2007 10:18 AM
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