Sheesh MT 4 Captcha issue
October 2, 2007

Comments and CAPTCHA fixed. Here's the deal ... the only straightforward documentation I've found so far on the new CAPTCHA is in the Movable Type dot orgDocumentation section. The documentation is not very well organized, to my mind, and it can be difficult to put together all of the pieces you need. They really really need a better step by step guide. But, at any rate....

I did find the issue with the CAPTCHA. (Although not why the db wanted to re-upgrade nor why re-upgrading the db futzed with something in a template ... the mysteries of the ether, I suppose.) Here's the solution, in case this happens to anyone else. The page I used to figure out the CAPTCHA is this one.
Unfortunately, there's an error in that code if you're copying and pasting it into your template. The code below is uptaded to the correct code:

(and I had to sub [ and ] for < and > ... couldn't get the < code > to work and I do not feel like futzing with the stylesheet to do something about it (if that's even possible).

[!-- Okay, this one's a little tricky. We're deciding whether to show a CAPTCHA to users based on whether comments are allowed, registration is enabled, and CAPTCHA has been turned on in MT. So that's three different If tags nested inside each other. --]

[MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTCaptchaFields"]


[div id="comments-open-captcha"]
[mt:CaptchaFields /] [/div][/MTElse]


The bold and italics piece had been left out of the documentation ... or perhaps it was a typo ... or something new ... or accidentally got deleted somewhere. I dunno. But there it is.
Hope this helps someone else!


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