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November 10, 2007

I love Apple. I do. But they have really pulled a Micro$loth this time.

I finally got everything backed up, wiped the hard drive and did a clean install of Leopard. I am seriously contemplating going back to Tiger.

Firefox is acting squirrely: it won't download; it crashes the program. If I do a restore session after the crash, some of the tabs will not reload, giving a Server not found error, even though the page had been loaded earlier.

Thunderbird is still not working right. Messages with an attachment will not open; if I do try to open the message, it crashes the program. I've re-installed. Same issues. Made a new profile. No joy.

YIM and AIM are both problematic. AIM is completely doa. YIM works for a while and then will quit unexpectedly.

I've flitted around the Apple discussion boards and the Mozilla boards and found no joy so far. However, it does seem that the issue might be something that Apple apparently "added" at the last minute. Besides the usual "permissions" for various folders and files in an Apple machine, there are now also ACLs (access control lists). Apparently there are conflicts and they're not easy for the computer novice to untangle. In fact, I'm not really sure that I want to try to tackle this issue myself.

My guess at the moment is this: there's a file or directory that Thunderbird requires for attachments whose ACL is set to something it shouldn't be. Why do I think this? Because when the issue first began, I noticed that the Library directory had a permission which was set to Read Only. I reset the entire directory to Read/Write permissions. It worked for a while, then it locked back down. Fixed it again. Worked for a while. Now the permissions appear to be set correctly, but the issue is still there. Unfortunately, I have no idea what file or directory might have a conflicting ACL from what Thunderbird thinks it should be.

So, until someone creates a third part app to help us manage the ACLs (so we don't have to delve into the command line) or until Apple fixes the mess they made at the last minute, I guess I'm just going to limp along until I get so ticked off, I re-install Tiger. Hopefully there will be a fix before that.

Apple? Ya listening? Here's a big hint. No matter how much we might wish a new operating system might come out sooner ... please, please, please ... we'd much rather deal with it coming late than it shipping before it's truly tested and done. I mean, you guys know better. You're not Microsloth. Sheesh.

Oh, and my opinion of Leopard minus the issues? Dunno. I'm still fighting it too damn much to notice what the changes have been. I haven't fired up any of the new apps like Time Machine or Spaces.

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jodi said:

uh huh....
so how the drawing?


November 11, 2007 7:59 AM


blueyes said:

LOL you need to consolidate and just reform to maybe linux. No issues like that :) If this was a perfect world we'd all be using that but they are so stuck in M$ land it's unreal. Try getting pidgeon for yer mac, I think they have a mac version, I know trillian doesn't. It will save you from installing a few loaded up programs with AOhell and YIM.

November 11, 2007 8:51 AM
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