January 19, 2008

I feel the need to share. Aren't you lucky?

The easily tolerable portion:
Loads of snow, followed by 55 degree temps followed by rain, led to some minor flooding in our area. We have two drain floors in our basement plus two sump pumps at the other end of the basement. We didn't think much about it.

My partner went downstairs to the basement a few days later. I would say lake, but that would give the wrong impression. The water was perhaps 1/4 of an inch to perhaps 1/2 of an inch in the lowest lying areas. Not bad so far as flooded basements go. But very, very, very ucky. So, since we are both a bit on the gimpy side lately, I actually put out a call for some help and had a few people help gather the bits of junk that needed to be tossed out and hump those out to the curb. Today I went downstairs to begin some chemical cleaning. First, the slowest of the floor drains still has a bit of standing water. Ugh. Probably have to call a plumber to snake it out on Monday.

Then I went into the downstairs bathroom.

While I won't get into serious details, if you're at all squeamish about the restroom throne feature, you should probably just click away now.

So, apparently when we flush the upstairs bathroom, it's going into the bowl of the downstairs bathroom. And, apparently, no further. Well, except for the water spilling on the floor in there. Joy of Joys.

I am just, at the moment, praying that our plumber is not taking Martin Luther King, Jr. day off.

Can I just curl up in a corner and deny the rest of human existence now? lol

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newnorth said:

ummm wow, that doesn't sound (or smell, I am sure) good at all!

January 19, 2008 9:32 PM
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