Tag, She's It
January 21, 2008

I was tagged by Mark Stoneman to name 8 random things about myself. Like Mark, I often ignore tags. But when reading his 8 things aloud to my partner and coming across his gem about the chickens. I decided, as usual, to twist the meme and change it up.

Here are 8 random things about my partner. (Done with her approval cuz even though with as much as she's tossing and turning and flopping around at night with her surgery sliced hand, I don't really wanna sleep out here on the futon.)

1) In homage to Mark's chickens: My other half was raised in farm country and the entire family was very into 4H ... her younger brother LOVED fowl. At one point they had, and I quote: a bunch of "cross beaked little inbred freaks which did not help the hillbilly impression since they were loose all over the yard, the FRONT yard." Apparently their beaks did not line up. The top beak was not in the same line as the bottom beak which did make the entire family wonder how the durn things even managed to eat.

2) She cooks wonderful things. Delicious, wonderful things. This is both because of 4H and the fact that her mother was a Home Sciences teacher (involved far more than your typical Home Ec stereotypical stuff).

3) She is the messiest cook I have EVER met.

4) She forces ME to do the dishes. (Okay, okay. To be fair, she does all the laundry and I do all the dishes.)

5) She is clutterblind. I have watched her as she stacks papers and books and objects on her little table until it's literally a foot high. And then attempt to place something else on top. And then get mad when half of this slides inevitably to the floor.

6) She reads fem slash fan fiction based on Law & Order SVU and also of the Birds of Prey (DC comics, Batman universe). (And I bet she makes me delete this one.)
(Her first response was to say, Hell yes, you have to delete that. Her second, grudging response, was Okay, you can leave it. But you have to correct it to say fem slash fan fiction ... because if you have to out me about this, at least you can let people know I'm not reading that horrid straight shit.)

7) I introduced her to comic books and now when she recognizes something and makes a comment like, "That's not really a part of the Batman canon, is it?" ... she then whips her head to me and says, "You see? You SEE what you have done to me? I should NOT know these things!"

8) She FORCED me into getting a dog. Now we have two and I want a third.

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Mark Stoneman said:

I like her already. :)

January 21, 2008 12:24 PM


christine said:

thx for the great comment on my icebreaker post. glad it led me here. I liked reading your 8 fun facts. the dogs will be the end of us won't they? in one fell swoop I'm cursing my dog's name, then trying to get a new puppy -- or two

January 22, 2008 12:52 PM


Xers said:

HA! Awesome. I usually ignor those tag things too; but love reading others. Good twist to actually do yours on her instead; hilarious.

But DC comics.....*sigh*; My friend and I fight constantly over whose better: DC or Marvel. ....sorry but I gotta stick to my guns--I'm all 'bout some Marvel.

Although; Batman has a really kick ass robin right now, and I hope DC continues to release more Damien stuff/storylines.

Okay, enough of that---I can ramble all day about comics.

January 22, 2008 8:45 PM


Stacey said:

I am literally laughing out loud as I read this post! I love it! I wonder if I can get away with doing the same--writing about my other half... Hmm...

In case I don't get to do that, #5 would be on that list! *grin*

January 23, 2008 11:43 AM
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