No Guarantees
March 26, 2008

I enjoy playing an online semi-role-playing game called: Kingdom of Loathing. The whole game is tongue-in-cheek, full of delightful puns, absolute silliness, purposeful misspellings or "typos" - and the characters are all extraordinarily well-rendered, beautifully done stick figures. The site is white with black text. The concepts are simple and while it's not like a MUD with real-time interaction with the other players (except, perhaps in chat, but I haven't ventured in there yet), it's a really fun little game. You get 40 "turns" or adventures for the day, but you can --


Oh yeah. I wasn't going to talk about the game. Suffice it to say that I spend an hour or so with the game every day. I also spend time at the fan site The Kol Wiki as well for tips and hints when I get stuck. (Or to find out for sure what some game piece actually is.) I don't always hit the main page, but I did today.

And I was chilled.

One of the people who play the game and apparently someone well known in the KOL community was attacked by her partner March 15th. Apparently, the man snapped and went after this woman with an ax which was inside their home. She escaped, with ax wounds to the head and upper body, went to a neighbor's and called police. When the police arrived, they realized that the man had taken their nearly 3 year old son with him.

The boy was eventually found dead. Apparently killed with a screwdriver.

Article one
Article two

The folks at KOL are doing an in-game fund-raiser for the baby's memorial. I believe there is also a bank taking donations. [El Dorado Savings Bank - 800-874-9779]

I cannot fathom what possesses someone to pick up an ax and attack another person. I cannot imagine that moment of rage and loss of reason which makes running after your partner with an ax seem a viable choice.

I cannot fathom the extended dose of adrenaline and rage and loss of reason which can make a person grab his son and run off, only to take a screwdriver and end the life he helped begin.

I cannot imagine living with the knowledge that I had done such things.

I cannot pretend to know what Melson felt or thought after her partner of six years did this. Or how she feels knowing that her wounds were treated that day and she was released ... but her son's wounds were beyond repair. There is a biological directive for a mother to protect her children - and a similar one which tries to tell you that the father might be mad at you, but he'd never hurt their child. How do you protect yourself or your child, much less both, from someone with an ax?

How do you live with the questions, the hindsight, the second guessing yourself?

My heart goes out to Merrily Melson. There are no magical words to make this better.

I am left speechless by the events and wishing I could offer some kind of comfort.

We live our lives full of hope. Even when things are pretty dark and we think we are hopeless, we are still, biologically, pretty trusting. We trust that our apartment will not crumble and fall. We trust that the water in our pipes is potable. We trust that we can walk from the house to the car without a piece of satellite falling from the sky. We trust that a traffic helicopter will not lose control and come down on the highway. We trust that the cars driving by on the wet streets will not lose control, slam into a curb and punch their way into our home.

We trust that we are relatively safe.

It is a semi-true piece of semi-fiction we tell ourselves because the human body simply can not live in a constant state of fear. It can live in long periods ... but not constant. It is in hearing about tragedies like this one that the fiction is stripped from us for a moment and we are chilled to recall that there are no guarantees.

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Anok said: Yes, you are right people are very scary, what a horrible story, my heart goes out to the family, the mother, friends and loved ones.

What a sobering thought.

March 26, 2008 10:52 AM


Nola said:

That is horrific. Death is bad enough. A killing is truly unimaginable.

What a terrible, needless, senseless act of violence.

March 26, 2008 10:29 PM


PandoraWilde said:

I just truly have no words.

March 27, 2008 6:15 PM


Tara R. said:

Truly left speechless...

March 27, 2008 7:17 PM
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