Oppositional Design
August 21, 2008

What's up around here lately? I'm swamped trying to get the baby book finished for my sister and simultaneously getting really serious about setting up my freelance website, Oppositional Design. (Why didn't I link to it? Cuz it's nothing more than a placeholder at the moment!)

I finally wrote a mission statement today and now I'm working on a tag line. Some of these are shite, some are all right. I'm putting them here more so folks can take a look at the process of coming up with a good business tagline.

  • Oppositional Design - not argumentative, just different Yeah, that one sucks - gotta start somewhere
  • Oppositional Design - creating what's right for you
  • Oppositional Design - Discover your design
  • Oppositional Design - Bringing the unexpected to life
  • Oppositional Design - unexpected. sleek. motivated.
  • Oppositional Design - You, re-invented.

Random related notes:

  • oppositional 1: a configuration in which one celestial body is opposite another (as the sun) in the sky or in which the elongation is near or equal to 180 degrees

  • oppositional culture

So, why did I go with Oppositional Design as a name when it presents some challenges just within the name? It was one of those flash of inspiration moments for me. I was speaking with someone who wanted me to write with my left hand - then she looked at me for a second, her intuition working overtime, and asked if I was left handed. "No, but I practiced writing left-handed as a kid because it was different." She shook her head with a small smile and said, "Oppositional."

To a certain extent she was right. I was not and am not someone with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (though I adore that the acronym is ODD). I'm not a confrontational person, but if there's a way to do something different, I usually find it - or find it more interesting than the "normal" way. So, calling my freelance site Oppositional Design seemed a natural despite the challenge of spinning "oppositional" into something valuable. Probably because of the challenge.

So, when coming up with a tagline, the first one was simply a literal definition of the problem, not a real competitor for tagline. "unexpected. sleek. motivated." has more to do with the crappy tagline on my business card right now - the typography of the ascenders ("tall letters like L, lowercase D and to a certain extent the lowercase K) just looked beautiful in the font I was using. So, I'm still playing with a three word tagline in which all three words end with an ascender.

It's an ongoing process and one I must complete before I can even begin the design of the website and the re-design of all my identity paraphernalia (look of the letterhead, business card, invoices, etc.).

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MikeC said:

It looks like you and I are somewhat in the same boat. I try to do freelancing on the side. I do the blogging thing as well. I hope you do well with Oppositional Design. Anyway... Let me know if you feel like building a network together. I've been thinking of a plan to get other people of likeness to help each other out in building skills and business. Just a thought. A forum maybe?


August 28, 2008 10:33 AM
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