Fifteen Months Later
October 8, 2008

Fifteen months is taking its toll on this blog. You would think that not having a steady gig would mean I had more time to write. Unfortunately, it means that I'm not getting the constant stimulation I need to be able to write. Despite the wide variety of topics and issues I would normally need to write about ... I am oddly quiet.

Every sentence I start to write about how my partner and I actually bought a house we could afford instead of doing what many of her co-workers did ... buying the house they were loaned money for, along with two brand new cars ... I think, "I should be working on promoting Oppositional Design" ... or "I should be reading my Typography book" ... or "I should build a newsletter or a new logo or something just to add it to my portfolio." Or, even worse, "I should clean the house."

After an incredibly warm job market a few weeks ago, I'm back to wondering where I've gone wrong and if it's something I can change or is it just this crappy economy?

I have no way of knowing.

I really wish I'd manage to land the job doing emailers for a large musical instruments company. I think I could have had a LOT of fun doing that ... but it was apparently not meant to be. Again.

I am profoundly grateful that my partner still has a job. I wish she could get out of there as it's, I feel certain, contributing to her constant migraines ... but there's little out there for her, either. The market is simply too tight.

I am profoundly grateful that we purchased a home within our means - and that we were somewhat conservative about what those means were. Sure, I'd love a home with normal dimensions instead of something so small - but we can afford this and it's ours.

I'm not a big stats person ... but I do feel regret that I've managed to slip from a pagerank of 5 back down to a 3. I'm no longer getting 500+ hits a day ... I'm lucky to get about 200. And while I still get hits for those damn Red Monkey jeans - I get more hits from Nerfers about modifying their Nerf guns now. (And most of them want to bitch at me and miss my point altogether. Let me repeat: I DO NOT WANT TO BAN NERF GUNS OR NERF WARS. Geez. I just think more parents should be more aware of what their kids are doing and what they're playing with. I also think that there is no such thing as a "toy" sniper rifle. On the other hand, I enjoyed modifying my Nerf Maverick into a steampunk looking thing.)

The blog is a bit adrift and aimless at the moment and I apologize to all of my readers, old and new. Right now, I'm afraid that I am a bit adrift and ... not exactly aimless ... but feeling somewhat lost.

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MikeC said:

I originally blogging under this one domain. It was fun for three months. Then I ran out of ideas to write about. I really needed an objective to each post instead of saying pointless rambles. So with me new site I created each post has an objective.

1. A task
2. Why I should do that task
3. Did complete the task, still on my to-do list, failed, or rejected the task

so far its given me a fresh new take every day. The only problem is I think I chose a gay domain name.

It's an Iggy Pop song!

October 8, 2008 5:27 PM


PandoraWilde said:

You went steampunk on your Nerf gun? Did you ever post a pic?

October 9, 2008 12:20 AM


Jackal said:

One way of looking at being 'Lost' is you have the opportunity to 'find' something new. Even, a new perspective. Maybe being 'lost' is a way to challenge your comfort zone and ask you to step out of it.
Don't lose hope - keep your chin up.

October 9, 2008 4:53 AM


Dawn said:

I can't even begin to imagine how wearying it must be to be without work for so long...

Fancy a visit from me and the kiddos next week to break up to boredom? I'm hoping to travel your direction probably next Thursday afternoon or Friday morning and would like to lessen the amount of time I absolutely have to spend with family, especially since it's political season. Egh!

October 20, 2008 11:18 PM


Nola said:

I cannot imagine your frustration. At least your love has passed the test with flying colors! Just stay true to yourself and you'll find your voice again. Keep hanging in!

October 21, 2008 12:34 AM
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