Teh Funneh (tm)
November 20, 2008

I have not Teh Funneh for you today. But Katie does.

Seriously. While I am guilty of typing LOL far too often when I really only smiled or perhaps let out a quiet chuckle, Katie regularly has me laughing to the point of tears in my eyes.

And the really sad thing is ... it's NOT really a funny thing. She's had a headache for EIGHT frigging weeks ... countless visits to countless doctors and through it all? She's kept her Funneh.

In this selection, her doctor has decided that biofeedback will cure her eight week headache. (This after he insisted it was her sinuses and her ENT guy said, umm, no, it's not that - but geez, these are some insanely interesting sinuses, thanks for coming in, hey, while you're here lemme stick a camera down each nostril and get some pictures of this.)

We conversed at length about my medical history and she said she just wanted to evaluate my "muskles" and soft tissues today and then we could develop a plan. So the first thing she does is stand behind the chair I'm in and starts whoorling my head around in circles.
She does not tell me what she's doing, she doesn't say to relax or to oppose her, she's just slow-motion whiplashing the shit out of me. And continuing to ask questions THE WHOLE TIME.

Seriously, I'm thinking if you do biofeedback, you might want to read the file on your patient before you start trying to, oh, I dunno, start twisting her head in the place where the two vertabrae were removed from the Chiari Malformation corrective surgery.

Anyhow, check out Katie. Despite living in Suckville for the last eight weeks, she's kept her funny. You can thank me later, after you wipe the tears out of your eyes.

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