Ice & Creativity
December 27, 2008

So, I had hoped to work through lunch Friday and then take off for Ohio to see my aunt. At 6 a.m., I peeked out the window because there were some flashing lights. A city pickup was behind a city bus in front of our driveway. Spreading bags of salt. Bags and bags of salt.

The bus was diagonal in the street.

We had been turned overnight into a beautiful city of solid, polished-glass looking ice.

I went ahead and started my morning getting ready rituals and then proceeded to wait for a while in hopes that the roads would clear up soon. Not too long after that I heard the splishing of a couple of cars driving up the street. Great, I thought, I'll head out to work now.

I took one step out the door.

Next thing I knew I was sitting on our tiny little porch's steps, my beautiful art pop-up book popped up on the sidewalk and The Mascot laying next to it. If I recall correctly, the leg I broke in June was under me, with the ankle in point position.

Salt dump truck follows bulldozer into ditchNaturally, when I realized I was sitting down on the porch I said aloud, "No, not again." The difference was that I didn't black out this time. I'm not sure how I wound up in that particular position, mind, but I wasn't passing out from pain either. Maybe it was better this time. I looked at the porch more carefully and that was when I saw that everything outside - absolutely EVERYTHING - was polished glass ice. No wonder I couldn't even take one step. I scooted backwards into the house and called in. At the very least the ankle was sprained and there was no way to leave the house on crutches - later in the day the county was declared a road emergency - everyone STAY HOME. Besides, I needed to ice the ankle and take some pain pills and anti-inflammatories in hopes that it would get better fast. After I did that, I went back to the doorway with one of the damn grabber claw things I'd needed when I first broke my leg and was immobile. I hung out the doorway, hanging onto the doorway to keep from sliding down the steps and tried to rescue my books which were being sleeted on. Eventually I was able to grab them both.

The ankle is stretched out and kinda sprained, but all in all it's okay I think. I've been using the crutches around the house and it feels much better today.

Since plans changed and I couldn't go visit my aunt ... and had a very limited mobility yet again ... I decided to work on a sketch for my aunt. When I was small, she gave me a book for Christmas every year and I loved it. Roald Dahl's The Fantastic Mr. Fox one year ... but the first one I remember ... dated 1973, so I was five ... was Horton Hears a Who. So, I decided to draw the frontispiece from the copy of Horton that she'd given me way back then.

Sketch based on frontispiece of Horton Hears a Who

Hopefully the roads and weather will cooperate and I'll deliver it next weekend. :)

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Claire said:

God the weather is shitty there, be careful!

I have always loved Roald Dahl and the illustrator for most of his books, Quentin Blake.

December 27, 2008 1:42 PM


timethief said:

Gosh I'm sure glad we didn't have ice like you did and I'm glad you didn't re-injure your ankle badly.

So far we have had several unexpected snow dumps, 3 power outages, 2 broken skylight panels, a frozen well head and when it thawed the main water line to the house burst and had to be replaced. Now we are so very sick with this cold/flu thing that we are barely functional. This winter will not soon be forgotten and it's only just begun. :(

I love your Horton drawing. :)

December 28, 2008 1:38 PM


Dawn said:

Ooh...yeah, we had nasty ice here too. Glad it's all melted...and that nobody got hurt (though I got embarrasingly stuck on the side of the road twice just exiting my driveway). Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of my all time favorites, though my memory is of the earlier illustrator, not Quentin Blake. Still love those illustrations :)

January 3, 2009 3:19 PM
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