December 14, 2008

I was taking some reference pictures for a project and decided to share just a tiny portion of my Fisher Price Little People obsession.

Fisher Price Little People - two houses and one box in a house and some cars and camper

Yep, there's two of the blue & yellow houses from the late 1960s and the revamped house in brown & blue in a box. (Yes, it's been out of the box and played with.) There's the snowmobile up against the box and in front is the 1960s tow truck and then the small camper/trailer.

Down below, just barely visible on the next shelf down is a corner of Main Street. Above, where you can't see, is the old Village - a downtown type area done in two buildings, joined with a bridge.

I have a whole town set up ... the upper shelf is the outskirts of town with a couple of farms, the A-Frame vacation house, a couple of different campers (one on the back of a HUGE pickup truck, the other hooked to the back of an SUV), a little gas station/quickie mart, the Western Town (which I treat as a little dude ranch on the outskirts of town) and the Lift N Load Depot. The next shelf down is the old part of town ... the old Village "main street," a children's hospital, a couple of the large schoolbuses (there were a couple versions made), the dump truck loader place, the old schoolhouse ... ack, I've forgotten what's to the right of the schoolhouse all of a sudden. I think the little drive-in theatre and the little gas station probably.

The next shelf down has the old blue houses you see here, then the Sesame Street building and then the Sesame Street clubhouse ... the old parking garage and old airport.

The next shelf down we get into the newer part of town. The Main Street, the "Neighborhood" (one house that looks like two - joined by a treehouse). There's a newer parking garage, the newer airport, the zoo ... the "marina" where I have the houseboat, the marina, the ferryboat, a fishing boat ...

And then across the way, on another set of shelves are some of the older toys. The parts of the Amusement park that I have, a Ferris Wheel or two, the two circus sets, various rides (there's even a merry-go-round that plays the Fisher Price plastic records).

Yeah ... I get a bit carried away. One day I'd like to have a place big enough that I can build the Fisher Price town that I have set up in my head ... rather like a model train set up. I have plans for lighting and even for making the little cars move around the town.

One day ... one day ....

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Tara R. said:

That is awesome! My kids had lots of Fisher Price town pieces. I guess I should have saved them. There may still be a house (with the chimney slide) in the attic. I need to go treasure hunting.

December 14, 2008 8:59 PM
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