AT&T Sucks Some More - Or Not...
January 10, 2009

Continuing the saga ...

The DSL keeps going out. I pick up the phone, call my cell ... wait about 15 seconds, hang up. Voila! The DSL goes green again.

I head over to AT&T's site to get some answers. First off, they want MORE money to help with high speed internet. Really? Because the ridiculous amount I spend every month doesn't cover that? Great good gods, you greedy little assholes. Fine, I sign up for their account manager program. Dink around trying to figure out how to update my ticket. I can't change the type of ticket. It has assumed I have no dial tone. There is NO OPTION TO CHANGE IT! That's not the issue and that's never been the issue. Where did they get that???

Rather than fill out a ticket that says I have no dial tone - because I know this literal-minded jerks and they will damn well run a test that says yes, you do have a dial tone and then they will pat themselves on the back for fixing the issue - I backed out of that page and hunted around for another option. Nothing.

Fine. I replied to the trouble email from the seventh instead. I have listed all the issues, what DSL modem/router I have, the number of machines and operating system, the phone issue, the call the cell phone issue, the static ... and I pointed out that "I have turned the modem off and on and no, that didn't do a damn thing" only to have AT&T send the email back to me telling me their system automatically rejects email with profanity in it.

You know, if you people at AT&T would actually engage in some customer SERVICE and actually attempt to help people with their issues with the "service" you offer, you might not have so many profanity-laden emails being sent to you. Just a thought.

I'm curious to see what the next step in the saga will be. I'm assuming a phone call to the static-y landline will be next. Then they'll point out that the issue is in the house and they can't do anything unless I pay for their in-home service repair. Since I do already subscribe to that, I will point that out and they will say oh. Eventually they'll tell me to take an entire day off of work so they can come out and take a look.

My guess? It's the same issue we had about four years ago. Where the line comes into the basement ... something happened there and the jack got damp and we had static on the line. I'm betting it's the same thing now.

The better question is how to prevent it from ever happening again.

Great. The DSL went out and I just tried the call my cell trick. The router is blinking orange at me. Mocking me.


UPDATE 6:15 p.m.
Well, I tricked the DSL into working for a while and then it up and died a hard death until just now. In the meantime, someone from AT&T called ... very apologetic and a little miffed that the tech didn't call me Friday. Long story short, they are sending someone out tomorrow morning.

I am mollified. Frustrated, to be sure, but this was actually some nice and coherent customer service this afternoon. Now, hopefully, all of the DSL and phone line problems will be completely fixed by noon tomorrow.

I hope, I hope.

Maybe I don't hate AT&T so much.

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Tara R. said:

Don't be too hasty. The fix isn't in yet.

January 11, 2009 10:07 AM


Larry Streeter said:

For the 2nd time, my Samsung Blackjack II has died while travelling on business. We're talking dead, this thing won't even boot. The first time it happened I escalated all the way to the Office of the President. Resolution? They gave me the same phone again. Now here I am in another city completely disconnected from my family, my employees, email, calendar, etc. I've left multiple messages for the gentleman I worked with before only to have no return call.

I know what the answer will be when (and if) they ever call back. "Oh, you're phone has to fail 3 times before we would consider replacing it". Well you know what AT&T, the conference I'm speaking at on Tuesday is all about Driving a Positive Customer Experience and how in turn, that drives customer loyalty. Unless I hear from them before 2:15pm on Tuesday, Jan 26th, AT&T Wireless will be featured prominently in my speech as a classic example of how to do everything wrong! I'm sure that some of the 800 people I'll be speaking to will be influenced by the story I have to tell!

January 26, 2009 5:02 PM


Mercedes said:

I REALLY hate AT&T...OMG, I have had for a long time without a problem...yeah, now they have this nifty website where if you check for your email on the web, FORGET are DOOMED! Do they even bother to tell you that after you that you have to change our outlook server at home?? NOOOOOOOO...I have spent two days trying to work through this non sense for which I really have no time. My outlook at home is not working properly, I cannot access (God knows why!) the website from home to address any problems. Moreover, when you call, it is a 5-10 minute wait!! Mind you, the people are super nice and they have nothing to do with the problem! The PROBLEM is AT&T making changes as they please without first informing their customers, and second notifying of the changes and/or repercussions their "webmail excursion" will have.

I HATE AT&T...I have always had problems with them in the past, and this just proves that I MUST get another provider!

Yes, I feel better now that I have vented. Thanks


January 28, 2009 9:45 PM
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