Catching Up
January 17, 2009

Frantically trying to get this freelance site completed, hence all the extra energy I have right now is heading into that site. I'm hoping that by next weekend, it will be completely done. (And then I can show it off as well as get back to blogging.)

This week has been intense. We've had at least two days where the temperature didn't break ZERO Fahrenheit and more snow and ice than I ever want to think about. We probably have well over a foot of compacted accumulation on the ground and my morning drive to work has been just incredibly stressful. I love doing 70 on the bypass in good weather ... this past week there have been times when 40 was not particularly a smart speed. I've seen a couple of nasty wrecks and yet still see people try to do 70 despite the ice. Coming home at least there's enough sunlight to see the road conditions - but the conditions haven't really been any better.

I'm hoping to have some breathing room after this freelance site is done ... and then I can get some drawing time in (and finish writing the last segment of House Made of Web as well).

Heck, I've even been too busy to take a picture of all this snow!

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Tara R. said:

Woohoo! Done... that's great. Hope you get some warm weather and lots of breathing room.

January 18, 2009 2:57 PM
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