Why I Hate AT&T
January 10, 2009

And I do, I really, really, really hate them.

We left for Ohio last Friday in something of a rush. After returning home Sunday afternoon, the DSL modem/router glared its evil red middle eye upon us. In addition, the land line was intolerably static-y. Like to the point where you'd never be able to hear someone, should someone actually call us.

Also, let me point out that me without internet is a scary, scary thing. I am online constantly. It doesn't matter if I'm processing photos in Photoshop or reading a book ... the internet is my constant companion in the background. Without the ability to check IM or email or Twitter ... my brain begins to shut down, cut off from the world.

So I went to an undisclosed location, logged into the internet and attempted to file a trouble report. But AT&T wants you to do so from your home line. Ummm. Can't. Can't hear on the landline. Can't get internet. I dinked around on their wretched help site which kept sending me back to a page which was supposed to help diagnose my DSL ... assuming that I was doing this from my DSL. Umm, if your DSL is DOWN and NOT WORKING, then your stupid ass web page won't help! Good lord.

I finally found a "generic question" form which let me post our landline & DSL problems. I told them I could pick up email between 8 and 5, but to PLEASE call my cell number after 5 eastern time, because I could NOT get internet after 5 because THEIR damn DSL service was DOWN.

They emailed me at 5:15 p.m., so of course, I didn't get the email until Tuesday. Grr. All it said was we'll send a tech out by the ninth at 8 p.m. Wednesday there was a message on the answering machine which said we'll be there between 8 and 5 on the 9th. Way to leave it until the last minute, AT&T. I emailed them back and reiterated that the tech was to call me on my cell if he needed access to the house and I would be there within 15 minutes. (They thought the problem was outside the house, but I wanted this FIXED.)

Oddly enough, after attempting to use the landline Thursday night (someone called the house), the DSL miraculously started working. WOOHOO! Of course, the landline was still screwed up and needed repair and I wanted to make sure that the line was properly fixed so the DSL stayed up and running.

I eventually got a cell call Friday that I thought might be AT&T, but when I picked up, the person on the other end was speaking in Spanish. And it was a recording. Definitely not an AT&T technician telling me he needed access to the house. I get ready to leave for home after work and called the other half.

"You're gonna be pissed," she announces. "The DSL is out again and I've been home since 2. I can see that someone pulled into the driveway, what with all this snow, and they walked around the house to the back. So I guess they were here. But they didn't leave a note or anything."

The entire way home I began plotting my call to AT&T. It began with "Let me talk to your supervisor because I doubt they pay you enough to deal with me right now." It rapidly went downhill from there. A week without internet at home does not do good things to me.

I get home, picked up the landline - the static wasn't completely gone, but it was somewhat better. Hmm. I turned around, walked back to the living room (that's like three steps from the phone line) and went to glare at the eVile red glowing eye on the...

Three green lights.

WOOHOO! The internet was back.

A few hours later, in the middle of attempting to fix the mess I'd made of the blog configuration and database, it went out again. I called AT&T.

Have you ever seen The IT Crowd? Practically the first words out of the Help Desk woman's mouth were: "Have you tried turning it on and off again?" Grrrrr. Yes, that didn't help. It's been out for a week. The phone line is effed up as well and is probably screwing up the signal. It came up Thursday for no apparent reason, but went out during the day Friday.

In the course of her going through the questions they have to ask according to their scripts but which I had already dealt with (is it within 5 feet of your DISH receiver? No, the DISH receiver is in the basement. So that's more than 5 feet away from the DSL modem? YES! The receiver is in the BASEMENT, which is FAR away from here. - yes I was a bit testy.), the damn green light came back on.

So of course, after I say that, she says, Our tests indicate you are getting a weak DSL signal now.

Here's the deal. I don't pay an exorbitant monthly fee for a service that is giving me a weak signal. I want the damn thing to WORK. The lady hems and haws around for a while and finally says "I'll put a trouble ticket in and the techs will run a remote test tonight."

Of course it was working then. Of course they want to close out the ticket.

So, I'm attempting to download a copy of my blog's database (something I do not do often enough, stupid me), and at 185 mb of a 200mb DB, the DSL goes out again. Download is destroyed. Crap, crap, crap.

Thinking I might sense a pattern now, I pick up the landline and call my cell phone. Sure enough, within about 10-15 minutes of making that 15 second call, the DSL is up again. Intriguing issue.

I start the download again and go to bed. Upon getting up? No middle light (at least it wasn't red again). Luckily the DSL crapped out AFTER the download was done, so I do have a good backup of the db. (Of course, I now know that it's a corrupted db and that's why the blog was screwed up, so I have to delete it anyway ... but that's another long story). I call my cell phone again. Other half points out the internet is still down and tell her to wait about 10-15 minutes.

What do you know? The internet comes back up within that time frame. It appears that using the landline somehow "activates" the line enough that the DSL picks up a signal again. I have no idea why or if that's what's really happening. Maybe it's a coincidence, I don't know.

At any rate, I'm going out today to pick up a cheap wired phone to see if perhaps the cordless phone is somehow sending out interference now. (It's worked fine for the last 5 or 6 years since we've lived here. Maybe it's just degraded, who knows?)

In the course of writing this post? DSL went out, I used the landline ... it came back. After I get a new phone and make sure the cordless is not the issue, hopefully I'll be able to keep the DSL up long enough to file an update to the trouble ticket at AT&T and let them know what I think of their "fix" this week ... and crappy service.

By the way, if you're a Help Desk employee somewhere, don't ask me to give you a good survey review about your service calling yourself excellent ... that's kinda presumptuous. The woman who read her script with me was good, a little attached to her script, but good. Until she ended the phone call with "God Bless." Umm, you do not know my faith belief so let's not get a bit ahead of ourselves, okay?
(I don't know why that always bugs me, but it does.)

So, anyhow, I'm kinda back online. And apparently the blog is fixed now.


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James said:

Do you use DSL for any specific reason? We had the option of DSL or Cable here and I opted for Cable and have had ZERO issues.

I've noticed that AT&T sucks at a LOT of stuff... sucking less at cell phones.

January 10, 2009 9:32 PM


Tara R. said:

Wow... I'm tired now from just reading all that. Hope you get it all sorted out and working right very soon.

January 11, 2009 9:59 AM


PandoraWilde said:

Threaten to get cable modem service--if that doesn't fix it, nothing will.

January 13, 2009 11:49 AM


ao said:

HI -
thanks for hating attt too
I hate att and t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why are they so bad ?- my mistake was listening to my trendy friends and thinking an I - phone would be NEAT -
frak - it IS neat - as a device - say with verizon of rsomething...
but the at and t service is so abyssmal that I basically hate my new and useless I -phone -

att&t is great for privacy -
YOU NEVER GET YOUR CALLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 15, 2009 4:24 PM


Beth said:

I hate ATT too! They are the worst, oversized corporate gluttons with the worst customer service with the absolutely most ridiculous runarounds I have ever encountered. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is one company we should let drown if they ever need a bailout!

March 2, 2009 12:32 PM


Polo said:

I have AT&T and I don't get reception neither in my apartment nor in my job. Those are the two places I really want to get reception. AND I LIVE IN NYC.!!!. AT&T offered me another phone, and it had the same problem "NO RECEPTION. I HATE AT&T. The label says 3G!!! 3G!!! the only time I see 3G is when I turn on the phone and the intro movie splash comes out, but that's it, NO 3G, but ONE BAR ONLY, and sometimes it disappears. I HATE AT&T SO MUCH. I REALLY HATE AT&T.

April 11, 2009 5:56 PM


at&t hater said:

I was pleased to find 799,000 google hits for the words "i hate at&t." It has been the highlight of my day - an otherwise beautiful day that was ruined by the craptastic employees of at&t. Feel free to lodge your complaints with Erwin Riveria (customer service reference ER7772), he can be reached by calling the customer service number, which is 1-800-331-0500. The more the merrier.

April 16, 2009 5:14 PM


same here said:

i feel the same way u do at&t hater....but my nightmare started when i walk into the pasadena foothill store .... they greet me but then i couldn't help me i had to wait for about 15 min. to get any form of life to help me with my problem..and when i final got help ..... from this girl...it was really bad cuz it semm like she didn't know anything.... when i ask store manager can he overirde the 20.00 for for my exchange he said " i'm sorry i can't do that its a new company polices now " so i end up pay 20 dollar more for the same p.o.s that i bought....


April 21, 2009 12:18 PM


C E Crowlegy said:

AT&Ts pricing just illustrates what crooks they are. All of their plans are BAD VALUE TO THE CONSUMER. When I called to express concern, the sales rep laughed at me and told me I was crazy if I thought what I thought. He even went so far as to say that not one person has called in with the same concern and I'm the first and only person who feels that way. I told him thank you, hung up, called the Better Business Bureau, reported AT&T and then cancelled my account. I couldn't be happier being back at Verizon.

May 1, 2009 8:17 PM


nick said:

i hate u at&t my phone sucks pepole out there dont get a nokia phone.they say more bars in more places well no 0 bars in my grandmothers house it suck.............

May 6, 2009 9:45 PM


robmp11 said:

I hate AT&T because they are scammers. They advertise service but relentlessly bill you for inquiring about information. This is what happend to us. An AT&T salesperson came to our apartment complex advertising the services currently offered. I spoke to rep and took a brochure. Later on I visited the local AT&T store to inquire about the High Speed Internet that they advertised further. The next thing I know someone calls me stating that they want to schedule installation. I promptly told the person on the other line that I have researched AT&T services and I no longer want any services as what I currently have is better. I told the person in no uncertain terms that I wish to cancel. Later on in the week I found a door hanger on my door stating that a technician successfully installed Internet and phone service with AT&T. I had my wife call to make sure that AT&T cancelled our order. She was told by the AT&T rep that they are cancelling our service. The next month we received a bill in the mail for $146.50. I had my wife call for me again as I was so angry that I would not be kind to the person on the phone. She spoke to someone who stated that the phone and the Internet were two separate entities and that they only showed one of the services being cancelled. This made no sense, but hey things happen right? We made sure that both services were indeed cancelled and that our account was credited for the $146.50. We thought that all was well. Not so - the next month we received yet another bill for that same amount. I called this time and the person that I spoke to said that we were billed because we used the service and upon exchanging some angry words it was discovered that he thought that I was a person living in Ohio. I live in Michigan and I do not have a cable modem or a phone jack that was installed by AT&T we are Comcast customers and have always been. We never cancelled our service with Comcast. We supposedly cancelled our service with AT&T prior to even getting it installed but that wasn't the case. AT&T has scammed us and now today we received another bill in the mail and this time it was a statement threatening to send us to collections! This is ridiculous! How can a phone company do this to people? We never used the service! Now our credit is being threatened because of piss poor service and internal communication within a sorry assed company. Everyone that me and my wife speaks to all say that same thing. They say that they will take care of it and they are so sorry that this has happened. AT&T could care less because if they did care this would not be going on for as long as it has. We have received 3 bills and now a collections notice. My advice to anyone is never ever sign up for AT&T services because if you decide to cancel you have have to seek legal representation to successfully do so.

May 9, 2009 6:11 PM


Matt said:

APPLE needs to look into Sprint. Awesome customer service horrible phones!

June 8, 2009 7:11 PM


DennisOVanDyke said:

STILL WAITING FOR MY AT+T NEW PHONE TO ARRIVE. Good thing I have insurance.. Otherwise I might have to wait two weeks instead of just one.. One thing about AT+T... they give good service and fast. I just cant believe how well I am dealing with this.. And, I wasnt even upset when I called the Insurance division to find out where my phone is... Only two transfers to get to them.. and then she asked if she could put me on hold for about two minutes.. Well, about four minutes later... I realized I had been disconnected.. No worries..... I am off today... and nothing to do all day..

I dont usually drink... but, maybe, I will have a drink....in celebration that my phone will arrive someday... and that AT+T truly does care.2 seconds ago

NOT I hate them.. It has been five days.

July 28, 2009 3:34 PM


Sam said:

I also got some stupid collection notice.. even though we had automatic withdrawl and we had been canceled for two months through them. I am furious, am still furious and feel bad for every single person who has to deal with att customer service. Some one must have been really mad at me because they sent me to the south west service center. I live in Michigan. WTF?

July 29, 2009 7:15 PM


cheryl said:

I loath AT&T also. LAST Tuesday, the 21st, we had no dialtone on our land line. Somehow the internet was working (sporatically) so I entered a repair request. Took them until Saturday the 25th to get out there. The tech did something to the outside lines and we could place calls. GREAT! Right? Well, not so much. We found out hours later that we could not recieve ANY calls. Anyone trying to call our house only got a fast busy. We can't even forward our calls to our cell phones (another company, thankfully). So, anther call to the 'repair' department at ATT. Instead of getting some one out there quickly, we were told they would have the problem fixed by Thursday the 30th. That was yesterday and no tech came out! Still cannot get any calls to the house. Called ATT AGAIN and was told they would have someone out FIRST THING in the morning... .right. Arleady after 10 am and still no tech. They should NOT be in business. Got the bill 2 days ago though. Nice to know that their billing department is busy.

July 31, 2009 11:10 AM


M.K. Ultrea said:

I despise AT&T and cannot find the words to adequately convey my hatred for their business practices. They lured me in with a $60/month internet/phone bundle, and I my bill is currently over $100! Even after going over and over the bill with customer service people (all of whom will give you a different story), the bill stays high. They say if I change it, I'll lose my "discounts" and my bill will be even higher! As soon as I can, I'm dropping ATT and going back to Charter Cable Internet & phone (which I thought was bad until I signed up with AT&T). How can a company this big have some terrible products and service? No competition, that's how. They split up AT&T back in the 80's but now it's all back together again. They are thieves and liars of the worst sort.

August 3, 2009 1:01 PM


Tazette said:

I hate AT&T. Unfortunately, there are such monopolies everywhere that your options are limited. You can trade one sucky company for the next sucky company.

I recently tried to "bundle" my services with AT&T. I already had my home phone and my wireless through them. I tried to do it online, but it wouldn't let me. I called customer service and they told me that because my husband's name was on the home phone and my name was on the wireless that we would have to have the accounts match. I spent an hour on the phone with them. Then they tell me they need to do a credit check. The problem is I have a credit freeze for security purposes. They wouldn't let me switch the names on the accounts. I've been a frigine customer for 8+ years and they wouldn't let me change it. Are you kidding me??

Then I lift the credit freeze off and they tell me that to put the wireless in my husband's name will automatically obligate him for another 11 months on contract. Who are these frigine people? So I said then I'll change the name on my home phone. Nope - they wanted to charge me $60 to change the name on my account.

Then I try to send them a complaint email and it won't even send.

Nice way to treat your paying customers. I can't wait till my contract is up for the wireless - 3 more months and I am counting the days!!!

August 13, 2009 10:00 PM


Me said:

HEY I hear you and all but I stopped reading when you said the first thing you said when you called in was let me spk to your sup bc you dont get paid enough to listen to me,,, I remember someone said to me and so badly wanted to tell that guy that i get paid $20 an hr to sit on my ass and listen to you rave abt something i can care less abt But nevertheless....right

Red Monkey says: "listen to you rave abt something i can care less abt" - that's exactly why I wanted to speak to a supervisor. Thanks for proving my point. With as many hits as I get on this page for variations of the search "I hate AT&T" - they must be a really crappy place to work, $20 an hour or not.
September 20, 2009 10:33 PM


F*ck AT&T said:
Red Monkey says: the following comment has been edited in two ways. The commenter left 3 comments - I combined them into this single comment.
Secondly, I don't mind other people hollering, screaming, cussing and generally carrying on in my comments. However, I do draw the line at racism and xenophobia. Any words that I felt stepped over that line have been replaced with [EDITED].

We switched to AT&T a couple of months ago and I HATE IT!!!!!!!! We thought we would save a little money, by going with them since we also have their wireless service. We never had a problem with the wireless service and thought that the DSL would be the same. WE ASSUMED WRONG!!!!!!!!

First of all, customer service must be outsourced from [EDITED] or something because every time I call I get some half English speaking a**hole on the phone. I wish they would invest in some ESL classes for these people dammit!

Second, I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A BILL! They keep sending me e-mail stating that I owe money, but I can't login. I have requested a pin online and have yet to receive it in the mail. I called to pay it with a live person and they said it would cost me $5 and some change to pay. I then asked for a supervisor who told me to avoid the charge I would have to call the automated system. I called, but the dumb b*tch didn't give me the three digit code so I had to call back and talked to [EDITED] Dumbass who didn't have a clue what I was asking him. When he finally figured out how to interpret ENGLISH he gave it to me.

It took me almost three months to pay my damn bill. WHAT THE HELL???? I had to BEG to get it paid because we can't have it shut off because my husband uses it for work. I think I will go back to COMCAST because although I have to pay an arm and a leg for cable at least I know it works.

Oh, and to ME above me, dumbass bitch get a clue. You may get paid $20 an hour, but does that feed all 10 of your little [EDITED] at home. $20 an hour can only stretch so far.

BTW, we have two cell phone contracts with them that will end on Oct. 13, when I was on the phone with the supervisor she had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to renew. Ummm DUH NO DUMB BITCH is the reply she received. I had already called after the second call to let them know I wasn't going to renew anyway. But, I WILL BE SENDING THEM AN E-MAIL.

October 1, 2009 12:49 PM


MissMeowsic said:

I have had it with AT&T also. If I could just get rid of my land line I would. When I call about why my bill is so high and my line is down so often, they try to sell me a "bundle". If they can't handle tecnology that's been around since Alex Bell, how the hell are they going to give me internet and TV?

Thank god I have mobile broadband or I'd have nothing. They are too cheap to replace a main cable that hasn't been replaced since 1970. When there's not a buzz so loud I can't hear a dial tone I recieve the neighbor's calls. I'm also getting a beeping dial tone that indicates I have voice mail - and I don't HAVE voicemail. Repair has had to be called every other day in the past month. I am self emplyed and have an ad in the paper to get more business but now I can't recieve phone calls. The tech had the nerve to tell me I can't be using my residential phone line for my piano students. I said "I can't use my reisdential phone for ANYTHING - so what difference does it make?"

Funny how on their website there is no chat for general customer service.
When I do get someone in chat there they tell me customer service is not their dept and I will need to CALL.
I tell them "I just told you my phone is not working - how can I call?"
They tell me to use a public phone or go to the neighbors house. I say "If I have to use someone else's phone, what am I paying you $70 a month for?"

In a way I feel sorry for the people that just work for AT&T but on the other hand you have to be stupid to work for them.

October 20, 2009 10:53 AM


Tom Blake said:

I too am done with AT&T and the likes! As a business owner, I have not only been gouged with high prices, but I have been billed incorrectly numerous times. AT&T also keeps letting 3rd party billers on my bill even though I requested they not allow it. The AT&T rep just say there is nothing they can do about it. Each month over charges for services I did not want. And AT&T would sya they would credit me in two billing cycles. Theat time came and went. No credit, just a new person to argue with about my bill. All this inspired me to start my own business phone service. I started Ringalink. It is affordable. The phone service offers exceptional quality with all the bells and whistles. And the customer service is our cornerstone. Check us out when you get to the breaking point and finally decide to stop putting up with lousy AT&T.

October 21, 2009 12:54 AM


Bonnie Cramond said:

I also HATE AT&T. Not only do they have atrocious customer service--rude, unhelpful, lying--but I now know that they have psychos working there. One "customer service" rep who wouldn't let me keep my cell phone number, called me this week on my new cell phone number to rub it in. She said she called to let me know that AT&T had not changed their policy; I could not keep my cell phone number. Well, obviously since she called on my new number, she knew that I knew that. Diabolical!!!

December 2, 2009 12:46 AM


I agree 120% said:

My AT&T Yahoo Internet has been down for 26 hours since yesterday morning. After hours calls to AT&T customer support, they admitted there was an outage with one of their POPs in my area, and asked me to call back by COB.

I called again in the evening. Again, after hours on the phone with customer service, they said the outage was fixed, and everything worked fine at their end. So it was my modem, it was Netgear, not AT&T supported modem. Again, after hours calling AT&T, my Internet was “dead in the water”, unless (it appears) I change my modem….

So this morning I went out to the AT&T store and bought a brand new AT&T modem… well, same thing happened, my Internet still doesn't work, except THEIR modem said there was NO ATM Circuit!!! So I called AT&T again…. and again after hours on the phone, they seemed run out of Excuses, said they would have their “Advanced” programmer to take a look, and call me back....

If Google’s 5 minutes outage cost Google to credit all of their customers’ one FULL month fee, WHAT the HELL do you think AT&T ought to credit me for my 26 hours frustration, phone bills, plus two days valuable time????????

December 11, 2009 4:07 PM


Cloud Blackfire said:
Red Monkey says: Actually, I already know how the internet and the modem work, but thank you for educating my readers. Of course, at least some of that information is in the post I wrote and the follow-up posts ....

Understanding how things work will lessen your frustration

All computer systems will always have a flaw that is why there will always be technical support because nothing about computers is perfects, its just a matter of making things work out....

Understand how the internet works

1st of all the modem itself
4 lights on the modem
Power = Duh
Ethernet = Computer
DSL = AT&T signal
Internet = Authentication / username&password on the network

understanding each light would help you out...

1. Ethernet = If its on it does not mean that your computer detects the modem, it only means that it detects a connection

- check your ip address by typing in ipconfig on the command prompt to figure out if the computer is able to detect the modem.

169 for IP = Windows Generated and it means your modem may be defective or you experienced something that affected your connection possible caused by a badly configured router (linksys/netgear etc...)

2. DSL = The DSL light is everything - if its blinking or off it means your not recieving signals, AT&T reps will try to reset ports and check on your physical connections to make it solid, if it does not work it could be a modem problem or an outside line problem and usually AT&T will send technicians for this, the only problem is the best AT&T technicians only come out during 8-12 in the morning and during 1-5 in the afternoong or 5-8 these will just be regular or lvl 1 technicians

3. Internet Light - some people get alarmed by a red internet light but it only means that your username and password on the modem/router is not matching what your account should have, focus on DSL light first before even looking at this.

And believe me... no matter what company u switch to... there will always be internet problems because its not perfect and your chances are 5% out of 100% to have a smooth internet flow,

alot of people is angry about outsourcing but come to think of it... AT&T outsources technician support representatives because no one would take the job in the U.S, COME ON GET REAL, would you take a job to sit for hours listen to other people complain, when in the first place your there to help them....

20$ an hour is so far fetched... if you are not aware, the technical support representatives of AT&T only gets 2$ an hour.... with tax....

so before ranting and raving on a representative.... think again...

December 16, 2009 3:19 AM


Rick said:

AT&T Mobility is a group of evil, soulless bastards who care only about corporate profits and have no regard whatsover for their customers. I called them in an atempt to setttle an outstanding bill my 80-year-old retired motther had taken out on behalf of my sister. AT&T absolutely refused to agree to a payment plan in which they would be paid in full. I then offered a resonable immediate partial pay-off against my credit card, which they refused as well. Their only solution was payment on their terms and their terms only.

Technically, AT&T is about as good as any other provider. But they are one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive provider. You will pay less with almost anyone else. And should you happen to need any help or consideration from them, forget it. AT&T is all about profits and nothing about customers. Look elsewhere for your cellphone service.

(Note: I can provide names, account number, and cell phone number upon request.)

December 31, 2009 8:37 PM


Ken said:

OK, my turn to vent.....but I'm just going to pick one of my MANY gripes.....

Their support staff is totally incompetent.....if you call 5 times and ask the same question you'll get 5 different answers.

I put AT&T in the same category as lawyers who spend their careers obstructing the truth and cable TV carriers.....an extra hot place in hell awaits them all!!!!

January 3, 2010 8:07 PM


Mac said:

If that consumer advocate commision ever gets established as promised by the Obama administration; the first thing they should tackle is AT&T. You should be able to get phone service for no more than $20. a month. Since AT&T took over SBC my basic phone service has gone up $12. a month. I now pay 32.25 a month for just basic service. I need internet so I have landline: the cheapest I know of. I never use the phone : I only have to access the net for business. The only other option I've found is the MajcJack but you have to have cable or broadband to use it which could run $45. and up a month. That would be $45. a month plus $20. a yr for the service plus any other charges like buying the phone and a possible $45. initiation fee. Plus whatever you pay for your internet provider : I pay about $12. a month for full access to aol. So, I now pay $44.25 for internet access w/ a landline phone and a $20. phone card for long distance (which I never use and will last until the minutes are used up which I have no idea when that will be so I can't calculate that in). Let's just say the phone card is $20. a yr. that's $1.66 a month for 12 months. Total I pay per month $45.91. No frills : just basic everything. Seems like I ought to be able to do this for $20. a year w/ technology being what it is : $10 for internet and $10. for the phone line. But Noooooo ! The greedy bastard have to find every little charge they can to add to my bill . If I didn't need to do business online : I wouldn't have a phone and I wouldn't have a computer and I'd put the $50. a month back in my pocket.

January 6, 2010 8:49 AM


AT&T hater said:

AT&T operators and service reps are the worst!

If you feel the same way drop in on the AT&T fanboy forum and let them know how you feel:


You'll be glad you did, I was. :)

January 16, 2010 6:57 AM


Leena Prasad said:

I switched to AT&T service in June 2005, had the phone for all of 48hrs before I returned it and canceled the service. But the AT&T bill for the service kept showing up for the next 6 months even though I called them after every bill and asked them why I was getting a bill. They said they’d resolve the issue and eventually did after 6 months and sent me a note that I did not owe them anything. But, in the meantime, they sent the bill to a collection agency where it stayed until 2009. I didn’t know about this until I was refinancing my home last year and saw this in my credit report. I called AT&T and every time I called, they told me that they’d send the proof of payment to the agency. The collection agency kept saying that they have not received the note from AT&T. AT&T apparently cannot send the note to me directly because I’m their customer again but I’m not a direct customer – my company pays for my phone bill and is their direct customer. AT&T said that the issue will be resolved definitely by Dec. 10th 2009 (after giving me dates of Nov. 3 and Nov. 17th). The issue is still unresolved.
After I spent 30 minutes of my time today on the phone with an AT&T rep, explaining the problem all over again, she switched me to another agent without telling me. I didn’t have another 30 minutes to waste today so my problem is still unresolved and my credit rating is being hurt due to a mistake made by AT&T 4+ years ago which they are unable to resolve even though they claim to have resolved it.

January 26, 2010 7:09 PM


sir said:

Thank you for your patience! An AT&T sales representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Jamie, an AT&T sales representative.

Jamie: Welcome to AT&T online Feature Sales. How may I assist you with your features today?

dave: i would like to get rid of the $30.00 per month data plan for iphone for 949.636.xxxx

Jamie: I'd be happy to assist you today.

Jamie: Unfortunately, the iPhone is required to have a data plan since it is a smartphone.

dave: that is not an iphone

Jamie: You will have to call Customer Care so they can remove the iPhone from your account and then they can remove the data plan.

dave: what do you do?

Jamie: This is the AT&T Features chat. We assist you with information on features and adding them to your account.

dave: i see easy for me to spend money impossible for me to save money

Jamie: All you have to do is call Customer Care and they will do it for you.

dave: worst company on the planet

February 6, 2010 1:41 PM


Trish said:

I've been a wireless AT&T customer since 1998. When I moved from Seattle to Santa Monica CA in 2004 I noticed that I only got btwn 2-3 bars of reception in my apt bldg. The reception wasn't the best, but I was able to make a call and walk around my studio without a drop. However, I had no service at work which is in Brentwood, close to the 405 freeway and Sunset Blvd. Ridiculous, right?

I let my contract expire around 2002 and didn't renew until February 2009 when I upgraded to a "2G" Nokia - whatever the hell that is. It initially worked okay but had battery issues which I guess are common. In November 2009 my reception in my apt suddenly went from 2-3 bars to 1 bar, with continuous dropped calls. When I called Tech Support I was passed around and given lame-ass advice. I asked repeatedly if there were tower repairs happening as I'd read in the LA Times that AT&T was trying to upgrade service to pander to all the iPhone 3G customers. I was told no, that all towers in my area (closest is 1 mile from me) were online. I kept trying to get them to elevate my claim and I got the same excuses, until finally a rep told me that they don't guarantee indoor service on cell phones. That may be so, but it's a very, very bad thing to tell an pissed-off customer. What an ass-hat.

I finally got a free Verizon phone and set up a pre-pay acct to test it in my apt. And of course, I had FULL bars in my apt and 1-2 bars at work. So, after forwarding my calls to my Verizon phone I finally switched my phone number over to Verizon and opened a 1yr contract with them. Now AT&T is billing me for $115 for leaving my contract early. I've made multiple phone calls trying to ask them to please reduce this amount as I didn't want to close my acct (I hate Verizon) but was forced to by their lack of service in my area. I was told it wasn't their fault and tough shit, I had to pay. AT&T can kiss my ass!

March 9, 2010 1:10 PM


Rochelle said:

I celebrated 2 years ago the cancellation of my AT&T cellular service. I originally had Cingular wireless and as soon as they merged with AT&T I lost all reception. I had to walk outside in circles to keep a signal! Completely unacceptable. They blamed it on my brand new phone they sold me and replaced it, then they blamed it on the network they had me on, they switched me, then they blamed it on my sim card and replaced it. Nothing worked! They refused to let me out of my contract even though I averaged 10 dropped calls a day. I now have 3 phone lines on SPRINT where I only pay $150/mo for unlimited everything and all the reception I can handle!
Unfortunately and with much regret I had to sign up for AT&Ts DSL service. Why is their customer service so awful? I have 3 friends that work for AT&T and lucky for them, none of them have to deal with us angry customers. They get paid very very very well so I'm confused as to why they treat all of their customers so poorly.
I called to change my billing information two weeks ago and they couldn't even look me up in their system without my account number. I finally received a new statement and called again only for the CSR to send me to a disconnected line. This was only after I waited on hold for 15 minutes. When I called back completely pissed off, I could tell the next CSR was about to transfer me to the same number. I asked that she take care of it herself! She did but with much attitude.
TODAY: I had to call to tell them that I was moving one week from today and the guy said to call back on Monday to get it taken care of and he hung up! I HATE AT&T!

March 13, 2010 7:59 PM


ED said:

ATT sucks, they bill you for what you don't agree to and then they stone-wall you so you have to pay. They don't need to answer your questions or make any allowances because so many others bend to their pressure. I have no phone hooked up to the phone number they just gave me. I did not agree to an installation charge [was part of the sales pitch] no installation fee and so now I will wait and see if they waive the fee[I've asked twice for them to waive it]and I expect now they will charge me for a phone service that isn't even hooked up to a phone yet. So far they haven't budged on the added fees. They exploited me for money years ago on a cell phone I had[took me a year to pay off the bill] and I must have lost my mind when I saw the 19$ a month basic phone service sign up advertisement.//I googled, 'I hate ATT" and your website was the forst to pop up. Thanks, I tried to email them but they don't seem to be interested in 'functionally poor' customers. People that live on a budget and cannot pay charges they didn't anticipate. //Thanks for the website, I got it 'off my chest'. Now let's see what they do next//keep ya posted, Best regards edeichingertexhsupportArlTx1oyears

March 14, 2010 10:15 PM


Rachel said:

AT&T SUCKS! They screwed up the VM on our phone and we didnt' have it for about 2 weeks (and at the time we had a house for sale -sort of didn't want to miss those phone calls!)and they lie about their fees - the customer service is horrible - we are cancelling as soon as we possibly can. I know they don't give a damn about our opinion so our only recourse is to not give them another dime of our money.

March 15, 2010 1:21 PM


ed eichinger said:

I don't hate them any more- I apologize Ed, for any inconvenience. After reviewing your account, a credit in the amount of ____has been given for installation charge. This credit will appear on your statement within 1-2 bill cycles. You may subtract $____ from the total amount due of your payment.
Thank you for using AT&T. We appreciate your business and continued loyalty.
\I gotta give them credit for straightening this out so I take it back. Sorry ATT! edeichinger

March 16, 2010 8:05 AM


BHG said:


Red Monkey notes: I have edited this comment to delete the bazillion-times repetition of this umm, sentence.
Red Monkey says to the commenter: Um, dude. There is no reason at all for all-caps and certainly no reason to copy/paste that unintelligible pseudo-sentence about 300 times into a single "comment." I suggest you get some help. Or at least wait until you can write a coherent thought.
May 7, 2010 10:11 PM


Black Rhino said:

I wish Apple would wake up and smell the coffee and realize that as long as AT&T is delivering it that it will never be as successful as it really can be. AT&T has to not only have the worst service, but the worst customer service policies ever. Don't get me wrong, the actual representatives are most of the time very nice, however every time something happens they are not able to ever do anything.

For instance, I was told I should open a new line because I kept getting dropped calls on my current (BRAND NEW) Iphone that I just purchased 2-3 months prior. The guy told me that it was my Iphone that was causing the issue and if Apple wasn't going to fix it I was going to have to pay to fix it. So I decided to try it out. 3 Weeks later I was still getting dropped calls so I went back to the store and I told them this and they said that it was already too late to close the account. So now I'm stuck with 3 lines and paying for it.

Well long story short I ended up getting a 100 dollar credit (gee thanks), but they wouldn't close the account. So, I have auto pay and I just happen to look at my bill and realized it was 280 dollars (FOR TWO IPHONES!), so I called them right away. Finds out that they have been not only charging me $9.99 a month, but they have been charging me $57.00 a month for a data plan! The sim card for the 3rd line is still in it's package! What data plan!

So I call them and they said the only way you can get that off is to buy another non-data phone. Are you serious?! So now I have been paying for a 3rd line that I have not used nor did I need it, but now I've been paying 50+ dollars a month extra on top of that for a data plan for a line with no phone attached and now I have to buy a new phone for this imaginary line.

June 28, 2010 12:02 PM


ATT Hater said:

I transferred my AT&T DSL service to new address, and I was offered some discounts. When I asked whether I was signing up for one year contract for DSL service, the salesperson said no, saying since I upgraded my home phone service from cheapest, I was offered promotional bundle.

The DSL service was supposed to give me 6 Mbps speed, but for past two weeks I experienced less than 1 Mbps and frequent disconnection. So I called in to cancel, but "Bam!!" I found out that I am under one year contact and I have to pay $150 early termination fee. Although I explained that I was mislead, well I was told that since I took the discount, I should have known that I agreed on the contract. I was lied about the service, and customer service associates constantly asked me why I took the discount and do not want to pay for early termination fee.

Today I just discontinued my DSL and I will pay for the fine. Once this is over, I will disconnect my home phone service. And when the time is right, I will secretly smash my wife's iPhone and my two other cell phones from AT&T, kneel before her, and beg for forgiveness by handing over Versizon Andriod to her (may be along with Sprint Cell phone, so that she can play with other games).

AT&T made a fool of me. Everything is my fault because I was dumb enough to patronize AT&T at the first place and trusted what sales rep said. The customer service peple (though some was at least little nicer) brought the worst out of me: sorry that I yelled at some of you. I am usually very well-manner as long as people treat me with respect. I will not forget this experience, and I hope that other customers will not make same mistakes. God bless you!!!

September 17, 2010 4:43 PM


J-Roc said:

Why hate AT&T? Go to the cable company for dsl! Apple is with AT&T for a damn good reason and I'm sure Steve Jobs has mentioned why a few times. Do a little due diligence before giving up on them. No other company wanted to take Apple on. No telephone company's "network" could handle that amount of data being transmitted but someone HAD to take apple on. You should be thankful!! Believe it or not, our technology is evolving quite fast, verizon cannot snap their fingers and have a network that is better than AT&T. Nor can at&t. AT&T has taken one for the team!!!!! Hello????  These wireless companies all have very aggressive long term evolution (LTE) plans that have been standardized for YEARS!! Much like a highway project, it is known far in advance where and how. Not much diversity going on in these companies' end equipment at the towers... It's all a big ad campaign that we are all buying right into!! 3G fastest 4g, we have the best hamburger, no we use all beef... We use angus.. Ours are 100%organic FCC approved!!....... It's all false advertisement!!! All of it!! it's all the same... The question is, which company wants to spend the most money now? And who is the most strategic/creative....AT&T was willing take it in the ass! And by taking it in the ass, I mean having to deploy as much bandwidth as fast as possible to the masses. Can you imagine what an undertaking that is??? Imagine figuring out what areas use the most bandwidth, what areas can they get their money back out of the quickest to afford further deployment, what to use where, when and how..... the agreements between apple and AT&T just to get the bandwidth out to users to support the simplest of iPhone features that require extraordinary amounts of data usage.  Go AT&T! Thank you Gods of telephony for bringing me  Internet to my cell phone. It is pretty f'n convenient           For all of you AT&T haters....... Be happy... Because of AT&T 's sacrifice.....the whole "throwing a network together thing so u can use your shit phone to be super productive just to rebuild that temporary  network again and again as the technology that goes into the towers is unveiled",.. everyone is making money!! The economy is moving the machine is rolling...And at the same time we are becoming more and more productive with less personal time than ever in the history of mankind... l  imagine half the people on this board hear the word downtime and think of their connection to the Internet being down.  

January 6, 2011 12:18 AM


lynn c huskey said:

i am with all of you that are upset with at&t. i had at&ts fastest dsl and was doing fine or so i thought. Then i get an email from at&t stating that they had run a test and i was not getting the signal that i was supposed to be getting. their solution was to down grade my plan to dsl lite and would be lowering my bill accordingly.
now here is my side of this story. there was nothing wrong with my fast access dsl, but now there is. no matter what site i'm on this stupid thing freezes every few seconds. even as i type this, i need to watch what is going onto the screen or my first word my have been mixed with my forth and makes no sense. when my grandchildren try to go online to play their games it freezes but when it thaws their time has gone. it has taken me much too long to write these two paragraphs. as soon as i can figure out which companys to replace them with i'm gone. I HATE AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 9, 2011 11:32 AM


kayla phillips said:

I tried to transfer my AT&T service and per customer service the tech who came to my home closed the ticket wrong when he left after not completing the install becauase he had to go home. Well 3 weeks later and 27 phones of sitting on hold with dozens of promises to call me back that where either not kept or led to know where. Thanks AT&T service reps for not helping me

They actually told me for the first week their computers were down. Then they said there was a glitch and it was just my account that could not be set up and today I was told that Uverse was not in my neighborhood yet I am now waiting a call back from them.

Omg I hate AT&T

April 20, 2011 3:12 PM


Michael Carney said:

AT&T has absolutely F-CKED me. Last week I was told by a rep and 2 supervisors that due to my history of horrible service they would let me cancel without early termination fee. I went to the Apple store, bought the Verizon iPhone, and ported my number. Afterwards I called AT&T to see if I needed to cancel verbally or if I was all set and now they are denying the offer to release me without an early termination fee - even though I have had 2 reps read my account notes back to me indicating they promised to! AND because I ported my number today versus calling in person to cancel they say they can not let me utilize the standard 3 months to reactivate my account come back to avoid the fee. End of story. Done. They will do nothing else to help. And they wonder why everyone HATES them.

April 22, 2011 11:09 PM


Nancy said:

Much like all the other messages on this site, almost every single month I had to call AT & T about my bill. I only had one land line and DSL. I don't own a cell phone and don't intend to ever own one. Every single month for at least a year there'd be an overcharge on my bill and I would end up spending hours being disconnected in the process or having to explain the situation to four or five different people to try to resolve the problem. The final straw came, however, when I received an email notifying me of a TOS. The TOS (terms of service) stated that if Uverse was connected in my area I would be migrating over to that service without further notice. The only way to avoid the change was to cancel my service with AT & T. How dare they tell me what I WILL have in the way of service! I cancelled with AT & T last month and signed up with Charter. I also wrote an article on my site, explaining my experience with AT & T. I usually don't say I will never do anything again but in this case I will say that I will NEVER do business with AT & T again. They are a greedy corporate company with no concern for their customers and only care about how much money they can get in any possible way. Their service is unpredictable, and their CSR staff are horrible. Good riddance.

May 31, 2011 3:38 AM


Ruth said:

They almost drove me to the point of SLITTING MY THROAT!!! I DESTEST ATT!!! If I start---I'll never stop, so needless to say I am dropping them on Monday.

July 9, 2011 4:52 PM


At&t sucks giant donkey **** said:

Well, How do I begin, I have been a consumer of at&t's products since 1994
We had dial-up service with a company called bellsouth which at&t bought at about 2001 or so, Bellsouth was a great company, I live in a small town.... very small, and out in the country... So about 2002 we got DSl for that was all we could get -_- no cable... Metrocast my towns provider for cable internet doesnt serve this far out...........

So on with the complaints..
We had no trouble out of at&t up until 2005... :( That was when the DSL service became unberable... Connection drops.... Slow... Ping of over 400ms "gaming computer here" can't play online due to it.... which sucks....
So Metrocast charges 45 dollars for 7Mbps... Where my current service with at&t is 3Mbps which I don't even get those speeds sometimes its slower then dialup
I pay 65 a month for shitty internet... :(
If you can go with a diffrent company Please do so...
I hate At&t with all of my heart....
At&t sux
Only thing I like about them.... I don't have terrible phone service in my town :)
IPHONE always 3g
I still hate at&t
But, This is my story
And I hope you never have to deal with at&t

September 14, 2011 6:37 PM


Zandor said:

I have had the pleasure of both DSL and and Iphone with Atnt service and both have been horrible. By horrible I mean my wife was literally crying on the phone over their customer service. If you haven't talked to their customer service it is like trying to run backwards in a cornfield with your pants down. The most ironic reason for me hating AT&T is that I live next to AT&T Park in San Francsico and I could not get reception on my Iphone. I hated them so much I got rid of my iphone, and I love the iphone. (this is before other carriers made it available).

February 13, 2012 3:39 PM


Steve said:

I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!I hate AT&T!!! I hate AT&T!!!

June 26, 2012 5:24 PM
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