If Mom Says OK
February 24, 2009

I need to take a moment and give a huge thank you to a stalwart reader and commenter. I met Tara through the great site Cre8Buzz (sadly now defunct). Through the last year or so, when I have not been very regular about posting and, in fact, when many of my posts were not really up to par, Tara kept coming here and leaving an incredible amount of comments. If I tell a story, she comments and connects with it. If I share a photo or a drawing, she is always there being encouraging and making wonderful comments.

I really appreciate that.

I personally suck at interaction and don't read everyone else's blogs nearly enough and am rarely bold enough to comment ... which, of course, in the blogosphere generally means that people lose interest in my blog. (And I don't blame them - the interaction is the best part of blogging. I'm just an introvert online and off.) So I really appreciate the time that all of you take to drop in and have a look around Red Monkey. I appreciate it when you do take the time to comment and know that I do try to get to your blogs ... I'm just slow and more talkative on Twitter than I am in commenting on blogs.

At any rate ... go give Tara a look-see. Tell her I sent you.

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