April 12, 2009

I have never seen the Wizard of Oz all the way through. I've seen bits and pieces, but not the whole thing. Also, the only reason I've seen Sound of Music all the way through is because I was the lighting director for my high school's production of Sound of Music. The "real" version? Haven't seen it all the way through either.

In fact, I've only seen two musicals all the way through. Brigadoon, because it was Celtic and I was feeling stubborn. (I believe, however, that I walked out of the room during some huge dance number.) And Chicago. Because my other half forced me into the theatre to watch it. The deal was that I'd watch Chicago if she's go see 8Mile in the theatre with me. (Later I had to twist her arm so she'd watch the DVD ... she did not see it in the theatre.)

So yeah. I hate musicals. With a passion. They're long, they're boring and nothing happens. And when it looks like something IS finally going to happen? The actors freaking break out in a song and dance number.


So there's my confession.

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augiewan said:

Oh, that's not much of a confession, there are LOTS of folks out there that despise the musical. But something tells me I can name at least one you've sat through...

Beauty and the Beast? The Little Mermaid? The Lion King? Any of the other dozens of Disney / Bluth Studios / Dreamworks / Warner Brothers / etc animated movies that were also musicals? Moulin Rouge?? The Muppet Movies???

The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast were what convinced me as a teenager that not only did I not hate musicals (which I use to be fully convinced of) I actually really enjoyed some of the better ones.

Much Ado About Nothing is one of my favorite movies of all time and yeah, they break out in song and dance about though I'm not sure if it was enough to be called a musical. Though it doesn't hold up to the childhood viewings, I do like the Wizard of Oz as well.

Some others I'm guilty of watching more than once in my life (on purpose)... The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Marry Poppins, Little Shop of Horrors, The Blues Brothers, Chicago, Newsies, Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (old), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new), Rocky Horror Picture Show, Singing in the Rain, Grease, Labyrinth, and you "could" include Nacho Libre if you want... :) Then there are the many Bollywood movies I've watched but that's a whole different conversation...

One movie I definitely can't stand is Phantom of the Opera. Now THAT was boring. But the worst of all time that I actually had to sit through AT THE THEATER? Cats. S'cuse me while I go puke...

Red Monkey says: I have never seen Lion King. Or Beauty & the Beast. Or Hunchback.
But you're right, I do love Disney's Robin Hood and Aladdin was okay. I was, of course, talking more about "traditional" musicals rather than cartoons. Still, it's odd that I can't tolerate it in a traditional movie situation but it doesn't bother me at all in Mary Poppins.
The musical episode of Buffy? That I love. It's on my iPod and I watch it frequently - even went to a freaking audience participation showing of it a few years ago. Even traveled to Ann Arbor just to do that! And, of course, I adore Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog. It obviously something about Joss ....
I'm curious if you coughed up a hairball when you went to puke after Cats ....
April 12, 2009 10:09 PM


Tara R. said:

I loved Oz, even when I was a kid and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Musicals, on the whole, not so much. The only other one I truly loved was 'Rocky Horror.' I can still dance the 'Time Warp.'

April 14, 2009 9:53 PM
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