Punkd & Punked Again
April 17, 2009

So, I happily bought a lot of 43 vintage Star Wars guys from someone at work the other day. Also in the box (besides guns, accessories and such) were two Fisher Price Adventure People, which I also happen to hoarde collect. A couple of days later, the same guy I bought them from brought one more Adventure Person over to me. Now these guys are, honestly, worth next to nothing, but I had them when I was a kid and I love them. I was very tickled to add a couple more even though I do already have these particular guys. (Actually, I'm not sure there are any left that I don't have.) I put him on my desk shelf and grinned when I looked up. Nice deal.

And I come in to work one day this week and he's not sitting there. Instead, he's been covered in tin foil and placed on a Tech Deck (finger sized skateboard). He looks like a mummy in a sarcophagus. Frankly, I consider this awesome and haven't touched him. Every time I look up at that shelf, I giggle.

And then yesterday? Yesterday morning I walk in to this:

Packets of unopened mayo and mustard standing upright in my keyboard

I laughed, removed them and placed it all in the candy jar on a co-worker's desk. And then?

I ignored the whole thing for a few hours. I get there before everyone else, which means I leave before them - so they have plenty of time to devise new tricks to get me. I thought I'd do a very mild payback. I said nothing. Then, as we were chatting at one point, I looked over at the packets in the candy jar, squinted and said, "Is that GoGurt in the candy jar? WTH?"

There was some muttering that it was mayo, but no one rose to the bait.

Later on, the print manager came over and was chatting to a co-worker about what they did to my keyboard. I turned around and said, "What?"

"Oh, you know, how they had all those packets in your keyboard."

"Huh?" I put on my best blank, stupid expression, but I was sure they could see right through me. As they fell for it, my expression got better and I just kept playing dumb. They were all disappointed that apparently the cleaning crew had removed the packets. As they continued explaining it, I pulled out my phone, scrolled to the photo I'd taken that morning and said, "Oh! You mean this?"

Heh. I had them going, but I really couldn't keep it up much longer - I was ready to burst out laughing. Apparently, though, I freaked the print manager out by my deadpan expression throughout it. My other half says my deadpan is pretty scary.

LOL Was quite fun. You really know you're part of the group when they start finding new ways to tease you.

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Tara R. said:

That's funny! We have a blowup football player who is making the rounds. I walked into my office early one morning to find someone sitting at my desk. Scared the bejeezus out of me, until I realized it was just the FB guy.

I like the mini-condiment packages. I may have to borrow that one.

April 18, 2009 3:10 PM
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