Come Dance With the West Wind
May 5, 2009

As I left work yesterday to go "crack the whip" on a youngster who won't do his homework unless a "tutor" sits with him, I drove down a road I don't use often. It's a cracked concrete road, like many of the winter-ravaged roads around here. There are areas of it that I watch like a hawk, because not only do oddly shaped potholes crop up overnight, but long fissures gape open, sometimes three inches or more wide. I just got new tires and I sure don't want to replace any - or do worse damage.

So as I was driving down this road, leaving the "industrial" area (really just a bunch of business-to-business companies ... and AT&T), and as I'm reaching a minor retail area, we pull up to a stoplight. Gas stations, Goodwill, Walmart, Meijers, Applebees, a couple of banks, apartments. Just three minutes back down the road and there's trees and prairie and little traffic. Right here, it's bustling.

Playing in the thermals above the traffic were two hawks. Circling, dipping down - obviously just goofing around. Made me wish I had my good camera with me and that I'd had the time to pull over, set up and take some shots. Of course, if I'd had the time for that, they probably would have flown off anyway. Was definitely a joy to behold.

Which kind of made up for the fact (kind of) that the youngster I was supposed to tutor bailed on me. Apparently he's in big trouble and is now grounded. Gee, this relationship's off to a good start!

Then again, maybe I can tell him about the hawks ... and a time for everything ... including homework and basketball both.

(title is from a very short John Denver song I've always loved - "The Eagle and the Hawk")

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Tara R. said:

I love seeing these sorts of serendipitous moments.

May 5, 2009 11:05 AM
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