Nothing to Do
May 13, 2009

Things still to do ...

  • work on advanced features and clean up for
  • work on the header for a super-secret awesome blog concept (which was not my idea, but wish that it both had been and that I had time to help admin it)
  • take a logo design pencil sketch or two for the Hugo Award and do them up in Illustrator - preferably before the deadline
  • build the new entertainment center
  • take everything out of old entertainment center, strew it all across futon & living room
  • remove old entertainment center
  • finish ripping out living room carpet which has been under entertainment center for 5 years
  • pull up carpet tacking along wall behind old entertainment center
  • put everything on new entertainment center - find new homes for many things
  • find a new place to put Twofish, Bluefish, my betta
  • hold the traditional sea burial for Flash, the red betta, who I'm pretty certain is now dead and will certainly be dead by the time I get home tonight
  • find a dentist & get tooth fixed
  • find a new family doctor
  • create wedding invitations for my cousin
  • create 2 twitter avatars for friends
  • get stamps
  • tutor refugee kid
  • redesign Red Monkey - as per sketch I did umm, ages ago
  • redesign homepage
  • oh hell, redesign every fricking section of CoyoteThunder
  • draw Grandma a get well card ... then a birthday card
  • finish the choir tracks
  • design the CD

And somewhere in there I should probably get some sleep. And write meaningful blog posts. And ... oh hell, time to go to work now ....

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