From All The Girls With Band-Aids On Their Knees
June 2, 2009

I haven't gone to see Up yet - I know, I know. I will see it soon. But I came across this blog post from NPR today and well ... yeah. Just yeah.

Dear Pixar, From All The Girls With Band-Aids On Their Knees
by Linda Holmes
Dear Pixar,
This is not an angry letter. It is especially not an angry letter about Up, which I adored. I could have sat in the theater and watched it two more times in a row. I cried, but I also laughed so hard in places that it wore me out.
So I'm not complaining; I'm asking. I'm asking because I think so highly of you.
Please make a movie about a girl who is not a princess.

I adore Pixar and wouldn't they just do a STELLAR job with a non-princess girl/woman as the lead in a movie?

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Dawn said:

As much as my son loves princesses, I would so like to see a non-princess female character. And Pixar COULD do it...

I should add that Lucy's favorite movie is Wall-E, and she does this delightful "Ta-Da!" thing just like Wall-E when she does something she knows to be cute and incredible (usually involving jumping and/or wearing a hat).

June 5, 2009 3:40 PM
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