Unnatural Disasters
June 20, 2009

I love a good pun. Unfortunately, many people think I have bad taste in puns. I attribute that to Rocky & Bullwinkle.

At any rate, there is a book called Shatnerquake. No, I'm not kidding.

Shatnerquake cover You see? Right there. Shatnerquake. You can even buy it for your Kindle on Amazon. And, being a devout anti-Trekkie/anti-Trekker how do I know about this book? Well, because despite the fact that I am a Star Wars Geek who pretty much hates Star Trek (in general, some episodes of tNG were good and same for DS9), I do adore one person who too often gets characterized as a Star Trek actor, but really he's just this guy, you know? So anyhow, Wil mentioned this book he found in Seattle.

And it sparked a pun war of sorts. A virtual explosion of tweets last night predicting ever more dire endings to the world via Star Trek characters and actors.

My favourites, in the order in which they were tweeted:

  • nppyinzer: @wilw I assume these disasters are harbingers of the Aspockalypse
  • DeWayneFeenstra: @wilw i got the sequel to shatnerquake- AfterSpock!
  • LeEnfantSamedi: @wilw A seismic SPOCKWAVE!
  • T_Lawson: @wilw and then TNG becomes fair game - Frakes of Wrath, LeVar & Away, East of Wheaton, Dorn to be Wild, Spiner Tap...
  • IanKC: @wilw Someone get Dr. Crusher, I think I have Wes Nile Virus :(
  • PhilipWheeler: @wilw I only get about on average 7 of 9 these puns
  • Tim3P0: @wilw Tasha Yarrmaggedon
  • talekyn: @wilw My friend Dennis just suggested a summer theater production: Frakespeare in the Park.
  • MarcSchlaf: @wilw Lest we forget EarthFrakes and ThunderDorns.
  • harlander: @wilw The final book in the series must, of course, be Doohansday
  • goonie_girl: @wilw one before bed: "Troinado."
  • Totz_the_Plaid: @wilw You can't forget "Chekovs and Balances"
  • Thomas_Green: @wilw "Worfcano", (and games) "World of Warp-Craft", "Dungeons and Klingons".
  • Thomas_Green: @wilw (and movies) "I was a Teenage WereWorf", "Finding Nimoy", "The Sacking of Troi", "Prisoner of Rikers Island" Starring: Ernest Borg-9,
  • Thomas_Green: @Mystoffolyees @wilw then there's the song "Like a Bridge over Tribbled Waters" or the movie "Big Tribble in Little China"
  • HavTuf: @wilw Picard, any card
  • HavTuf: @wilw how the Wes was won.
  • Thomas_Green: @wilw And my final contribution to the PUNisnment.. "In 2012 the world WILL be destroyed by a huge As-TROI-D..."
  • Hesster56: @wilw Sulunami.

Were I building the series, I would go with:

  • Shatnerquake

  • AfterSpock

  • EarthFrakes and ThunderDorns

  • Troinado

  • Sulunami

  • Aspockalypse

And now ... Hey Rocky, watch me while I pull a rabbit out of this hat!

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