Stepping Forward
September 24, 2009

Life is a constant cycle of struggle and complacency.

We struggle to establish ourselves, to define ourselves ... and then somehow we allow others to label and box us. (You don't need to go to college. You can't run fast or sing well. You shouldn't have kids. Whatever the stories they tell us.)

If we're lucky, we wake up from that dream imposed upon us and strike out, fight back, look to establish a re-defined self with others. We fight to say, that is not who I am ... listen to me ... watch me ... understand who I really am.

And at some point, the complacency begins again. This time with a new definition.

You see, it's impossible to struggle and fight every minute of your life. So while we often rail against ourselves for allowing that complacency to set in yet again ... it's a necessary resting period, a time of incubation and reflection even if we're not aware that's what we're doing. It's a time of growth beneath the surface.

True courage, the life well-lived, is recognizing when those moments of complacency are over and it is time to act despite how scary that may be. Because breaking that complacency even with a single small fight, a word, a step ... that's the hardest thing that we ever do.

A life well-lived requires periods of rest ... or we burn out without ever having accomplished anything at all.

Do you use your times of complacency to recover and then to reflect?

Or are you using them as an excuse to hide and stop growing?

Is it time for that step forward?

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DPS said:

Well said. I'm going to show this to my wife ASAP! She needs to read it!

September 28, 2009 10:58 AM


Dawn said:

Good food for thought...but do I have to answer that? :) Very much jives with how I experience life.

October 3, 2009 7:47 PM
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