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April 13, 2010

It's no secret I'm a Mac person. I also love the iconfactory, a company of designers responsible for things like CandyBar, xScope, Twitterrific and my all-time favourite game: Ramp Champ. I discovered the iconfactory many moons ago when I wanted to change the icons on my Mac. They make the nifty program CandyBar which will change icons for you. In addition, they make tons of absolutely gorgeous icons and icon sets that you can use. In fact, with CandyBar, you can install either an entire set of icons onto your Mac, or you can select a few to change and mix and match. I've got Dia de los Muertos, Totem Poles, Sticker Pack, Ravenswood, Petroglyphs and a slew of others from them.

Today, after getting irritated that Firefox was constantly crapping out on me today - displaying long beachball of doom spinning time or simply not being responsive when I was typing, I finally downloaded Google's Chrome browser. Only problem is that it sits next to other icons in my dock that have David Lanham's sticker treatment. So, I popped open Illustrator and created my own sticker version of Chrome based on David's look. Now, the look of the sticker icons is very flat - these ain't some Sanrio puffy stickers here - these are good, old-fashioned flat stickers. David's done a wonderful job of using a desaturated colour palette for these icons and keeps everything very simple looking. I think he uses at least a subtle gradient on most of the stickers - in order to keep the art simplistic and clear and yet still add some depth to the icon.

Google's Chrome icon is very 3D looking. I studied several of David's icons and really saw no attempt at fool-your-eye for this particular pack of stickers. It didn't make sense to keep the 3D look for this icon. I should, however, revisit this icon at a later time and I went back and added a little bit of gradient to some of the pieces to give it a little more "pop." It's still not perfect, but I have got to get some other stuff done - can't play all day!

The Apple icon is located here: download

Free to use for personal use - not for commercial use. Enjoy!

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