Dear Adobe
May 22, 2010

Today's Crash Report (because there's always a new crash report in the making ...)

How to replicate the problem? First, cover your drawing table with 10 sheets of copy paper in order to draw the rough for a large piece of art. Tape everything carefully down, so it doesn't move while drawing. Next, draw a picture. It's best to stay away from stick figures. I prefer to do roughs with a 3B pencil as they generally erase nicely. Use a Tombow Mono Zero eraser for detail erasing in tight corners. When you've done that, scan all 10 pieces of paper in utilizing Photoshop. Of course, Canon uses a TWAIN Acquire method which Adobe doesn't like any more, but I'm on a Mac, and so it's force Photoshop to use it (open system anyone?) or don't use a scanner. Stitch all 10 scans into one big document at 300DPI and about 34"x38". Save after adding each piece. Save in between just because. Cry when it beachballs. When all pieces are placed, press Save again. Now Quit. Upon quitting, Adobe will detect that the application Adobe Photoshop CS4 has unexpectedly quit.

Amazing how selecting File > Quit is so unexpected.

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pamdora said:

If it weren't so sad and true, I'd laugh. Thanks for the story, well told.

June 9, 2010 3:01 PM
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