Five Years
May 19, 2010

Seems every time I get on a roll and back to regular posting, something invariably pops up to silence the posting! This past week was so busy that I missed Red Monkey's blogiversary. Apparently after five years of blogging, that's just not as earth-shattering as it once was.

Soon after I wrote the long post about teaching, I was contacted by one of my former students. She's an English teacher herself now. I was yet again surprised at just how emotional that contact made me. Don't get me wrong, I love being a graphic designer and can't imagine not doing it. But I do miss teaching as well. Obviously I need to be twins ....

Things will remain quiet here for at least another week. I started a drawing last week which pretty much is eating every moment of my non-working day. Without thinking, I made the main element of the drawing the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Umm, yeah. That means my drawing table is covered in sheets of 8.5x11 paper for the rest of the drawing. I've got the bulk of the drawing pencilled out, but there are still a half dozen important elements or details to work in. Once that's all roughed out, I can take the individual sheets down (no, I didn't plan this well at all) and ink them individually, then scan them. The only thing that kept me from just starting over with a reasonably sized single sheet of paper was that I'm working pretty fast at this scale - plus these sheets will be easier to scan and stitch in Photoshop.

I'm thinking when it's inked and assembled in Photoshop, I will probably trace it out onto the large artboard I've been hoarding for the past three years, so I have an original that's worth keeping as well.

Even that project was slowed down, however as we were gone last weekend for our niece's birthday party in Ohio (she's two - and according to her "walking amuck").

Then of course, there's the day job ... the house ... the spouse ... the critters ... family ... church ... various obligations ....
It's been pretty darn busy around here, with little quiet time for writing.

But there's a big post brewing ... about permanence ... about change ....


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