July 13, 2010

So, someone who'd once worked at the company where I am now moved to Korea. I believe it was supposed to be a one or two year deal (maybe a teaching gig), but they've decided they like it there. Anyhow, this guy came to visit and brought a slew of funny Korean foods.

Now by funny, I don't mean, "Oh look what weird shit they eat," instead I mean the packaging. There were dick sticks, for instance. Also, nude balls. Then there was fun stuff like coffee gum.

I tried one of the sticks. They weren't bad and most everyone was munching on them, but I'd expected savory, not sweet - and nothing trips my Asperger's-like tendencies faster than tasting something sweet when I expect savory. Then my co-worker said there were cheese sticks. I was excited - that would get the sweet taste out of my mouth!

The Supposed Cheese StickSo, I happily went over and snagged a cheese stick. I thought maybe it would be kind of spicy, but was preparing myself for mild and perhaps sweet. It looked like the small version of one of those Kraft cheese tube things - or Hickory Farms makes them too. It seemed a little soft, but the Kraft squeeze cheese I remember from when I was little was actually squirted out of one of those tubes, so I wasn't too surprised. I squished a little bit out, seemed okay ... and then I tried it.


That was the nastiest, vilest - UGH. I couldn't quite place the taste and decided there was soy in it. Well, there was soy, true. It was fish cheese.


Lest you think I am joking, another co-worker found this:

Korean Fish Cheese Tubes Ingredients


I'm gagging just thinking about it again.

Apparently some people in Korea use these on their iPhones instead of a stylus since many of them wear gloves all the time.

Remind me to NEVER EVER use someone's touch screen in Korea ... blergh!

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