What's in a Name?
January 29, 2011

Online I often go by the moniker "ender" and when that's not available, it's "enderFP." Ender, of course, is from Orson Scott Card's excellent novel, Ender's Game, because I identify with the character so much. But I'm often asked what is the "FP"?

Fisher Price.

As a kid, I knew of two cities in New York - NYC ... and East Aurora. The home of Fisher Price. I was determined I would work for them one day because I loved their toys so much. I had the blue house with the yellow roof. The airport. The parking garage. The farm. The schoolhouse. The circus set that was not the train. The houseboat. The castle.

And countless miscellaneous packs of people and beds and chairs and vehicles. I can remember a four drawer chest that sat in the closet of the playroom. The top drawer was filled with peoples, the next drawer or two was filled with various accessories. And my sister and I would line the carpet with our Snoopy encyclopedia books (to make a level area for everyone to actually stand) and then dump out the drawer of peoples and begin the choosing.

I had intended to keep every one of those peoples to hand down to my children, but alas, over my strenuous protests, mom and my sister sold most of them in a garage sale when I was 15. I went through and salvaged a few ...

Four Original FPLP boys

That's Smitty, Tommy, Chris and Peter. (Yes, I could tell most of them apart.) Unfortunately, Chris' best friend was gone before I was able to scoop through the garage sale and steal back my favourites. (Oddly enough, he never had a name, he was just always Chris' best friend.)

Unsurprisingly, I have collected Fisher Price Little People since that day and have amassed 5 plastic shoeboxes full of the people. Below is a pic of just one of those shoeboxes ...

One shoebox full of FP LP boys

That's just the "boys" box. There's also a box of "special" people, a box of girls, a box of women and a box of men ....
And then there's a little box of dogs ....

And I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. I'm just incredibly sad that I'll never have the chance to pass them along to a child of my own. But it seems that is simply never to be.

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Molly said:

Hi! @molliemoon here!!!

My brother and I had a couple LP playsets growing up, we kept them in a box that was labeled "Pies Parts" (pieces parts). We spent countless hours with those Little People. My favorite thing to do when I was 2 or 3 was putting them all in a little circle for "Ring Around the Rosy". There's a picture of me somewhere with my LP doing that. I'll have to search for it...

One of our boy LP was also named Tommy. Fun!

January 29, 2011 10:53 PM


Tara R. said:

Breaks my heart that you won't be passing your FP love on to your children... so wrong on so many levels. My son has umpteenillion die cast cars. The thought of his own son one day playing with them, fills me with unimaginable joy... but the reality is that he too (for different reasons) may not have that chance either.

I will also never sell off any of his collection without his approval.

(Ender's Game is one of my all time favorite series of books.)

January 30, 2011 12:52 PM


Dawn said:

I loved my Fisher-Price little people and picked up a house and a school with a little bus, and a Sesame Street apartment building (minus people) for my kids. Parts of the buildings are in disrepair, and Lucy flushed a "Susie" down the toilet awhile back before I could rescue it because it was so much fun to watch her spin around. But we're still got bits and pieces of them around here and there--Lucy played in the tub with 2 (plastic) Susies tonight, in fact.

And I remember when I was just about too old to be playing with my little people, when my dad had a big barrel opened up for us to put all our toys in that we were just "too old" for anymore. Vividly remember laying on the floor of my parents' bedroom making up stories about them, feeling slightly like I shouldn't because I was "too old."

Wish you could have a child to pass your FPs down to. Makes me sad too that you can't.

January 31, 2011 8:56 PM
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