March 9, 2011

It's been a week of frustration already, and Wednesday hasn't even really started yet. I am determined to turn the week around and be my normal, bouncy self. It didn't help that I got some little stomach bug again which had me quite out of sorts yesterday. I think it has mostly past now, which makes it easier to concentrate on Teh Good ™.

Meanwhile, I finished a little vinyl toy project this weekend:

Vinyl Fox toy
Work Shelf

I was a little surprised to find that RoseArt is jumping on the blank vinyl toy bandwagon, but hey - it was fun to paint. I'll have to bring him home from work at some point and take a real picture of him instead of a cameraphone shot. I like him there at work next to the Hopi Kachina Sunface Munny I did and of course @deadzebra's Copperbot and @dlanham's Ollie (the Twitterrific bird, not Twitter's bird, btw).

Must run to work now ... it's going to be a great day!

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