Where I Need to Be
May 13, 2011

It's been a long few weeks. First there was the frantic throwing of everything into boxes, attempting minor home improvements, fixing a couple of broken ceiling tiles, laying new flooring in the kitchen and hauling things off as rummage. Some things which I really didn't want to haul off. Like giving my very beloved electric guitar to a co-worker. I don't play much any more because it kills my wrist - but I couldn't bear to give up the acoustic or the banjo.

Sunday at church folks had a wonderful send-off for me as well as celebrating someone else's college graduation. They made a huge banner for me ... and then people signed it. Was very sweet and meant a lot to me.

Sunday our minister came over and helped me finish up a couple of home improvement tasks - and she even did the dishes!!! That was a huge and unexpected help. Monday morning, I loaded up the car with a packed solid trunk and a full backseat as well. Tieg's kennel was strapped into the passenger seat and off we went. Drove through Chicago and down to Springfield, Missouri, that first day. The hotel I'd staked out as pet friendly was REALLY sketchy. So, I drove around a little at that exit and found a nice Quality Inn that took pets. I backed the car up to the door and Tieg and I attempted sleep. Monday's drive had been about 12 hours on the road, including all the stops to let the pup out a bit and all the dithering about where to finally stay the night.

Tuesday's drive was planned to be about 2 hours shorter ... but with fewer stops, I think it was closer to three hours shorter. I got into Amarillo early-ish and snagged another Quality Inn room. I was pulling the necessary stuff out of the car (backed up to my door again) when Murphy struck for the first time.

The damned hotel apparently decided to cut costs by putting a parking curb for every two parking spots. In other words, instead of every spot having a parking curb in the middle of it, this one had a curb in the middle of the yellow parking line. I'd gotten Tieg and most of the important bits in the room and went back for my toiletries bag. I turned around ... and the next thing I knew I had a skinned right knee, bruised and skinned right elbow and probably jammed or sprained either the left elbow or wrist. (Or both) And knocked my right shoe off. At this point, I have bruising on my left forearm from elbow to wrist (from various incidents), a huge bruise and scrape on the right elbow/forearm, a skinned right knee and bruise, multiple bruises on my torso and upper arms and legs. Sheesh.

So, I get ice and then find a Schlotzskys right around the block for dinner. Score!

That night, Tieg and I finally get some sleep ... and then around 2 a.m., the wind begins whistling like mad around the door. Lightning flashes. Then the rains start ... and the winds! My word. It was pretty intense and it took until 4 for me to calm Tieg back down so we could get to sleep.

Wednesday's drive was supposed to be about 6 hours. Things were going well until just after I crossed over into New Mexico. I pulled over to take a little pit stop and when I got back to the car ... nothing. Wouldn't start. And the guys at the truck stop did not speak English. I was pretty sure it was the battery - the original battery of the car which is 6 years old - and I just sat there for a minute. Finally went inside and asked if since they did some truck service, maybe they did cars???

One of the guys came out to the car with me. I dutifully popped the hood. The language barrier was great, but he got someone over to jump the car ... and then pointed to the contacts and said, "dirty." He cleaned them off, greased them up and said that was it.

(BTW, the guys were not latino. Or native American. They were Arabic. And they refused to take any money for helping me.)

I drove to the next actual town and had a mechanic check the battery. He said it was perfectly fine and that the contacts had just gotten too dusty/dirty. WHEW!

I pulled into Albuquerque around noon. Drove to my new workplace just to wave, then hunted down the storage facility and figured out where that was. Finally, I hopped back on the road and pretty much couldn't find my hotel. Something got screwed up in the Google directions and had me going north instead of south. By the time I finally got to the hotel, Tieg and I were both exhausted.

I got everything pulled inside ... and hung up the banner from church:

banner of fisher price little people

Thursday morning, I talked to the front desk to make sure they called me if Tieg made too much noise BEFORE it got to the point they wanted to throw us out and then left for work. I'm such a worrywort, I was sure the poor little guy was going to get us in trouble, but I've not heard from the front desk, so I take it he quiets down or at least that there's no complaints. There are a LOT of dogs here.

The new job is incredible. I don't disclose where I work for a multitude of reasons ... but I'll just say this. I had a phone interview at Zappos earlier this year and I was so excited. I'd read so much about the Zappos culture and it sounded like a great fit for me. Unfortunately, the interviewer didn't seem to really be into the interview. First, the call was about 10-15 minutes late. Then, it was conducted whilst driving on the strip rather late in the day (even for the mountain time zone) and really seemed disinterested. I was crushed.

Today, I'm incredibly grateful for that. I really feel that I'm exactly where I want and need to be. I love New Mexico. I love Albuquerque. And this company! Oh man, oh man. The entire company culture is just ... well, it's exactly how I would set up a company were I to ever do such a thing. It's intense ... but I think this is just going to be an incredible experience. I am so very grateful.

Now ... if the house will just sell real damn fast so other half can get down here and we can set up a more permanent shop, I'll be really, really happy.

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Daisy said:

Saying lots of prayers & doing lots of happy dances that the other half joins you soon. Puppy photos soon please! I'm glad the drive was (relatively) uneventful!

May 13, 2011 11:45 PM


Jacob Wozniak said:

Good to hear you are doing well buddy. I'll be praying for the speedy sale of the house.

May 14, 2011 6:39 AM


christina said:

I wish you all the best.. you house will be soled very soon at a good price
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August 20, 2011 5:08 AM
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