Strange Signs
June 19, 2011

I have gone west on Southern several times over the last month. And there's this sign that has shocked and puzzled me as I drive past. It's just about a block down on Southern from Highway 528 and it's a lesson in why graphic design - instead of just throwing something up - is an important discipline.

This is what I have time to see as I drive past:

DWI and speed laws strictly enforced - beer 1.75 margarita 3.50

So, let me see if I understand that ... don't drink and drive, but the cops will sell you beer for $1.75 and margaritas for $3.50?? What the hell?

Now, I know there's another line below that and that I can't be reading this right, but I don't have time to read the entire sign before I've driven past it. Creating any kind of outdoor sign is a completely different art than creating a point-of-purchase display, for example, which is why you really need a professional graphic designer involved in the sign-making process even if the sign doesn't involve any illustrative or photo elements.

This is the whole sign ... which I didn't get to read the bottom of - despite traveling through there multiple times - until I actually pulled over to take a picture of it!

DWI and speed laws strictly enforced - beer 1.75 margarita 3.50 dwi 15,005

OH! Well now, that makes more sense.

Don't just let people throw signs up. Seriously. Find a professional graphic designer and make sure the layout is something that will WORK for the PURPOSE it's supposed to serve. Designers really are practical people and can prevent confusing signage. It's worth the money to invest in something that's actually going to serve your purpose instead of confuse the hell out of people.

* * *

Further on down the road, as they say, I went back to look at the house that I liked yesterday. Would it really be big enough? When we were house-hunting in South Bend, we fell in love with the last house we looked at on the first day. Part of what we loved was the rich wood paneling in the dining room and kitchen and the exposed beams. Love the rustic stuff. The wood was darker than I like, but it was gorgeous.

But, the only access to the basement was through the garage. Same for access to the backyard. That cut the effective living space in the house down by half as it was just difficult to go thru the freezing garage in the wintertime to a cold basement to work on hobby stuff. So, the basement became storage and little used. The house felt very small and cramped to me after a while.

So, looking at this house, I'm forcing myself to not make an offer instantly ... but the kitchen with its gorgeous tiled countertops ... the tile floors ... and this:

interior shot of dining room and living room with light wood paneling at a nice angle

... this has me drooling. The house is gorgeous. The living space is laid out much better than our house in South Bend, but it is a smaller house without the basement. I think it should be do-able if we convert the 1-car garage into a room. And the backyard is much larger than anything else I've seen so far. Could quite easily build me a studio out back and still have a spacious backyard.

And, Tieg seems to approve. He really liked the backyard a lot.

Tieg examining the sandy lot

He refuses to walk in the sand when I try to take him for walks - he plops his butt down in the sand and no amount of coaxing or dragging or Cesar Milan firmness and just keep going will get that little dog to move any further. But he really enjoyed the backyard when I was there with the realtor. And when I went back today just to look at the front yard again, he was quite happy. I wanted to see how much work it would take to make the fence dachshund-proof and as I'm studying the corner of the house and the fence, thinking I'll really have to build up that gap - he sticks his head through and tries to get into the backyard! Pretty good sign from our little coward-dog.

Then, I stepped back a bit and was shooting the garage so I could get an idea what size room that would make.

side view of garage exterior, including gas meter - on which sits a little stuffed bear

Wait. What's that on the gas meter?

side view of garage exterior, including gas meter - on which sits a little stuffed bear

Oh now surely that is a welcoming sign!

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Tara R. said:

That sign is hilarious! True, only let professional design signage.

Good luck with the house. If Tieg likes it, then it is meant to be.

June 19, 2011 3:23 PM
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