July 19, 2011

So the roof was not correctly re-shingled. We won't mention the fact that they did not re-do the roof, they just laid shingles over the top. With nails that were too short. And they screwed up the starter course. And misaligned them.

The owner, in another state, insists it was done right. We'll see what FHA and the bank say. But it's just dragging things out more.

I hate the hotel.

And I'm so introverted that in times of stress, like this, needing to stay in someone else's home temporarily should be a good idea - but in fact is even more draining for me than the hotel. Times like this it really sucks to ride that edge of introvert, geek and possible aspie. Just not dealing well with the uncertainty and the stress.

Really would like that fast-forward button so I can just jump ahead a little bit.

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Tara R. said:

Oh, the joys of home ownership. Stupid roofers! In a show of solidarity, my roof has leaked from all the rain in the last week. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

July 20, 2011 3:40 PM
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