My Adventure Book
July 10, 2011

It's no secret that I love animation and particularly enjoy Pixar movies. I particularly love the storytelling in Up. The first, what, 10-15 minutes of the movie is just amazingly done storytelling. You get all this back story into the life of Carl in a short amount of time and with very little dialogue. And that story speaks to everyone - the kids (and the kids inside us adults) love the explorer theme - the kid beginning I think hooks the kids in the audience and gets them through the silent backstory that the adults mostly cry over. And then Ellie's bright paintings also keep the kids focused on what is important to the story. It's just masterfully done.

But what really spoke to me was Ellie's My Adventure Book with its page "ripped right out of a library book!" As I was re-watching it a few months ago, I thought ... that book would make a great desktop wallpaper. So I took a couple of screenshots and waited until I had some free time.

In the meantime, I planned it out in my head which led to my designing it a little differently from the screenshots. Despite the fact that the letters look like Ellie cut them out, I kept seeing them as stitched onto the leather cover. And almost every crazy little homemade or scrapbook I had as a kid had a kind of canvas-y looking material that created the binding. So ... that's what I went with.

Click the small image for a 2560x1600 1.8MB desktop wallpaper version:

petroglyph story

Let me know what you think!

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patrice said:

I am making an "Our Adventure Book" for my daughter and her fiance, as thier wedding reception has an "Up" theme. Carl & Ellie....beautiful love story. The book will both house some pictures and memorabilia of thier dating, and will have space for guests to sign-in and make comments.
This book will also be kept in thier guest room (once they have one) for thier guests - a picture will be taken with them, and comments about thier stay included.
I am using your book as a pattern. Where did you find it? I am trying to create one, but yours looks soooooo much better! Help me, please! One of the first things people will see when they enter will be this book. I want to make a great impression. Thank you for any advice you can give me!


P.S. We are serving actual Fenton's ice cream & toppings! AND I know a kid that looks just like Russell, and we are paying him to dress up and do photo ops with guests! I am thinking of centerpieces...but I would love input from you. You sound so creative. I am thinking of making miniatures of the house, with little waterballoons filled with helium, or little filled picnic baskets with a "blanket" in the middle of the table, but I am open to ideas. Also, I will have Grape soda "Ellie pins" for each guest that I am making.

August 22, 2011 12:49 AM


Magdiela said:


I am working on an anniversary gift for my husband. I absolutely love this! Is there a way you can e-mail me this image with out the wording? I want to actually draw it with a crayon like Ellie does and tape the world on it too! Please let me know if you will be willing to share. thanks!


January 31, 2012 4:53 PM
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