June 13, 2012

So. Movable Type is re-installed temporarily. Comments are still non-functional for now. If this installation is hacked again, I'll kill the damn comments permanently and just write posts manually. If that happens, I'll have to kill the reader feed as well. I'm not going to manually write HTML for posts and then edit a second file as well. I'll use MT to post one last time before that happens, so if you do only read me in your reader, you'll get a warning.

The nice folks at JetPens sent me an awesome brush pen to review. I've used it a bit over a couple of days. I want to see how the ink does before I publish my review, though, so expect that to happen soonish.

Other than that, I've been working my behind off lately. Still loving my new job even though I've started getting into the politics that inevitably occur when you have an organization of more than 10 people. I don't have to like politics and the games people play (even at a place where they try REALLY hard to limit such things), but it's all good. We're all heading in the same direction, just different ways of trying to get there! I'm good with that.

I've taken over the emailer program there (don't worry, it's not spam, it's opt-in!). It's wonderful to be running something, looking at the metrics and trying to adjust things to get better responses. The copywriter I work with is great - we've managed to knock it out of the ballpark several times this year and sell out of product in a short time. In fact, today, we actually sold out in something like 4-6 hours!

At the same time, producing and sending 3-4 HTML emailers is exhausting. I barely have time to do anything else and I really fear that my HTML and CSS coding skills are getting rusty. Making HTML emailers is a lot like coding in 1999. It's all tables and very little of the stuff that makes being a web designer/interaction designer fun. I'm trying to crank through a month's production in two weeks, giving me two weeks to do other things.

I did get one landing page re-done and it's something I'm proud of. We had a problem with needing a landing page that showed family groupings of tote bags and merchandise bags/envelopes. However, these items turn over quickly as certain patterns or materials are discontinued. Photo simply couldn't keep up with all of the requested re-shoots and it really wasn't fair to them. Nor was it fair to the customers to leave these family shots with 3 of the 4 items discontinued so that when they clicked through to look at those bags, they'd see 1 that was on the previous page and maybe another 2 that they'd not seen. My solution was to use illustrations which clearly showed the most important features - shape, handles, etc. Then there's a "sidebar" showing the available colours. An example is here on Dribbble. It's easy for me to add a new colour swatch when things change - much easier than it is for Photo to get all of the items in that family, re-stage, re-shoot, re-colour-correct, re-submit, etc, etc. I'm hoping that the customers dig it and find it useful.

All right. Kind of boring post. Thanks for hanging in with me whilst I get all this software and hacking mess cleaned up.

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