Welcome to Gotham City, home of Gotham Amusement Pier, Madame Soleil's Wax Museum, and, of course, home of the Batman. While many folk are content to take the tour of Gotham and some of Gotham's more famous neighbors from such companies as Kenner tours, I've always felt that they leave out important personages and places. As such, I invite you to a small tour of Gotham, which concentrates on the people who make Gotham great. You can choose to visit Gotham City proper and meet our most famous playboy, Bruce Wayne (and his family) as well as some of Gotham's finest like Officer Rene Montoya and Detective Bullock. You could tour Arkham Asylum, where many of the Batman's most famous villains now reside. The Industry Park contains many curiosities and the Gotham Convention Center will introduce you to many of our famous neighbors.

Gotham Gift Shop will be opening by summer of 2001 for those of you who would like to order a small souvenir of your trip to Gotham City.


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