Overview of Caelum Moor park


Above: a view of the pond from just inside the park (near Sarsen Caer). Above: a shot of the pond just south of Morna Linn. This shot was taken from just outside the park proper from one of the small hills. The pump house for Morna Linn was located underground in the bushes near the willow tree.
Above: Another shot from just south of Morna Linn outside the park proper. The stones in between the two willow trees constituted the "back way" into the park itself. Above: A close-up of the back entrance to the park.
Above: A shot of the park from the southern end. I was probably standing on the stones in the "back way" as I shot this. To the east (right hand side of the picture), is a part of the business park owned by the developer who commissioned Caelum Moor. Above: The "wildlands" immediately around the park.
Above: The Tuatha de Danaan sculpture is in the left of this picture of the "wildlands" around the park. Above: Just to the west of the park, a major mall sits in the distance. The "mountain" here is merely a hill of gravel for construction.
Above: One of my favorite pieces in the park. Despite having a hellacious ant mound on the far side of this stone, it always reminded my cheesy adolescent self of all the things we have not uncovered. Above: A sunset shot ofthe areas to the west of Caelum Moor. This shot was taken while standing in between the stones of Sarsen Caer.



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