Sarsen Caer


Above: A shot of Sarsen Caer in the middle. This is taken from just behind the bridge. You can see the brick path in the center of the bridge as well as a temporary stage to the left of Sarsen Caer. Various groups used the amphitheatre for different productions in the summertime. To the right of the sculpture is the area often referred to as "back stage" since any performers waited back there for their time on the stage. Above: Sarsen Caer at sunset (facing west toward the pond).

Left: Sarsen Caer has several areas where the stone is carved or polished. Here you can see that a polished strip ran vertically on the inside of both uprights as well as horizontally on the outside of the uprights. Just above and below the horizontal polished strip, the sculptor carved zig-zag designs.

In the lower left portion of the picture appears to be a vandal's spray-painted mark. Actually, as far as I could ever tell, this is a natural streak in the stone.



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