Tan Tara

Above: The bridge entrance to the park took visitors directly to a small plaque (just to the right of the large sculpture) which explained the park's origin as well as a little bit about each sculpture and the names of each piece. Above: The smallish dark circle just inside the sculpture is actually a highly polished concave circle. Another, exactly like it and at exactly the same height (about the height of a person's head) is on the other stone. If a visitor stands facing one of the circles and speaks, the polished areas act as an echo chamber.

Left: If I recall correctly, Tan Tara is the largest of the sculptures in Caelum Moor.

Tara was an ancient Irish capital of Ireland, where Brian Boru ruled as the Ard Ri (High King), the first man to rule all of Ireland.

Considered a holy place even before Boru, Tara was located on a hill and figures largely in Irish mythology throughout the ages.





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