Hodgkin's Disease is a cancer involving the lymph system and is grouped with lymphoma and the leukemias. Relatively rare (only about 7500 new cases a year), Hodgkin's is now a very curable form of cancer. In fact, my friends and I began calling it Cancer-Lite since once I was diagnosed with it, the disease seemed to affect my life so little.

This site is meant to simply be the story of one person with Hodgkin's disease. You should not attempt to diagnose yourself based on the information in these pages. If you feel you might have Hodgkin's, you should contact your doctor.

A little bit about me before you wander around looking at the adventures of Super-Chemo-Girl:
I was born and raised in Texas, and like most Texans, am fiercely proud of that fact. I graduated high school in 1987 at Lamar High school in Arlington, Texas, and then went on to get my bachelor's degree at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1994. (Hey, I was working full-time through six of those seven years!) In 1994 I received a scholarship to a private university (well-known) where I obtained my Master's of Fine Arts degree in the creative writing program. I began teaching first-year writing in 1995 as a graduate student and continued as an adjunct until the Fall of 2000 when I was hired full-time as the department computer guru (as well as continuing to teach first-year writing).

I have numerous hobbies including: my cats (there's four right now), collecting toys (old Fisher Price Little People and Batman & Robin action figures especially), customizing action figures, reading science-fiction/fantasy books, reading comic books, repairing home electronics when I get the chance (I'm no expert!), and playing with websites.

The story on the following pages should be pretty simple to follow. Just click on the links to the left to get the story. The bottom of each page also includes a link back to this start page.

The links page is simply a bunch of links to resources for Hodgkin's Disease. If any of them are outdated, please contact me.

A warning:
I have a sense of humor and use it all the time. You can probably guess that from the simple fact that I call myself Super-Chemo-Girl and refer to the Hodgkin's as Cancer-Lite. This is my coping mechanism. It works great for me, but it's not for everyone. If this bothers you, don't wander through my story. I don't have the time or the energy for people who tell me that I don't have the proper respect for the seriousness of my condition. It's only as serious as I let it be. (And that ain't much.) I take care of myself as the doctor suggests and I laugh at the whole thing.


Chemo-Round One
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Another Test
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Round Two
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Getting ready for the bone marrow >>
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